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Grab Offers Safer Transportation in Mandalay with New GrabThoneBane Service

Mandalay, Myanmar, 4 June 2018 – Grab Myanmar has launched a beta trial of its three-wheel vehicle service named GrabThoneBane in Mandalay. GrabThoneBane offers a more reliable and safer mode of transportation for commuters in Myanmar’s second largest city. Grab passengers […]

Mandalay, Myanmar, 4 June 2018 – Grab Myanmar has launched a beta trial of its three-wheel vehicle service named GrabThoneBane in Mandalay. GrabThoneBane offers a more reliable and safer mode of transportation for commuters in Myanmar’s second largest city. Grab passengers can now book comfortable and fixed fare GrabThoneBane rides efficiently through the Grab mobile application. Grab is currently working with a group of GrabThoneBane drivers for the beta trial which started on 14 May 2018. The beta trial will scale up gradually to allow Grab to test and improve the GrabThoneBane service, based on driver and passenger feedback.

Grab is already running similar three-wheel vehicle ride hailing services in Philippines and Cambodia and in Mandalay, the GrabThoneBane service targets to serve daily commuters with loads, homemakers, small families, couples as well as local and foreign travellers. Passengers need not have to haggle on the fare and will get a GrabThoneBane taxi within minutes of the booking, bringing convenience to their daily lives. To ensure Grab passengers get the best service, Grab driver-partners are rigorously screened and trained.

Meanwhile, existing three-wheel vehicle drivers in Mandalay can now register to partner with Grab to get more passenger bookings and improve their livelihoods. By signing up to be a GrabThoneBane driver-partner, three-wheel vehicle drivers will have access to better income opportunities and a driver community support system as well as safety trainings and free accident insurance. Grab driver-partners will be issued Grab-branded T-shirts for them to wear for clear identification as well as safety vests for  additional protection.

“We are excited to start trialing GrabThoneBane in Mandalay, a service which offers convenient, safe and fixed-fare rides. We are already receiving a lot of positive feedback from our passengers during this beta trial phase which reflects the huge potential we see for this service in the city. We would like to invite commuters in Mandalay to experience the convenience of three-wheel vehicle taxi bookings using the Grab app. We also invite three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers to partner with us. We believe GrabThoneBane will enable driver-partners earn up to three times more in income than regular three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers. In addition to higher income, GrabThoneBane driver-partners can also enjoy flexible working hours, insurance coverage and skills upgrading”, said Alvin Loh, Acting Country Head, Grab Myanmar.

Three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers can register to drive with Grab by contacting the Grab Mandalay office at 30 Street, between 78 & 79 Street, Chan Aye Tharzan Township, Mandalay Railway Station, Hotel Marvel. They can also call the Grab Mandalay office at – 785525921 and 09785525673. To register with Grab, three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers must have their own licensed vehicles which meet the government’s transportation standards. They must also present the following:

o    NRC

o    Ownerbook

o    Bank Details

o    Household Register

o    Police Recommendation

o    Township Recommendation

To celebrate the beta launch of GrabThoneBane in Mandalay, Grab is providing a promo code for all GrabThoneBane passengers. Grab passengers can use the promo code “THONEBANE” to enjoy MMK 1,500 off for the first three rides, valid till 13 June 2018.

Passengers can experience a GrabThonebane ride in Mandalay starting today by downloading the Grab app for free from Google Play and the App Store. For more information about Grab Myanmar, visit  or


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