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Grab Introduces GrabTaxi Plus Service for More Comfortable Rides, Served by Top Drivers and Features Better Cars

Yangon, Myanmar, 31 January 2018 – Grab, the leading on-demand transportation and mobile payments platform in Southeast Asia, today launched a new service in Myanmar named GrabTaxi Plus. This new service is being offered by Grab to out-serve its customers and […]

Yangon, Myanmar, 31 January 2018 – Grab, the leading on-demand transportation and mobile payments platform in Southeast Asia, today launched a new service in Myanmar named GrabTaxi Plus. This new service is being offered by Grab to out-serve its customers and to provide more comfortable rides based on feedback received. Following a beta trial period of the service since November, GrabTaxi Plus is now officially launched and features Grab’s top drivers who drive better cars which offer a suite of in-car benefits for a more pleasant ride experience.

Based on independent research conducted by Grab, a number of GrabTaxi passengers in Myanmar requested for new vehicle models of taxis, taxis to be cleaner and taxis with an air freshener. Some passengers also requested for GrabTaxi’s driver-partners to improve their level of spoken English and to be proficient in using GPS/Google Maps navigation.

With this in mind, Grab is offering the GrabTaxi Plus service so passengers enjoy rides in clean, fresh and comfortable taxis which are driven by Grab’s best drivers. The service will feature the following benefits for passengers:

  • Newer vehicle models
  • Clean vehicles with in-car freshener
  • Drivers who have been trained on

                   1)  Etiquette and customer service

                   2)  Basic English

                   3)  Usage of GPS/Google maps.

“With GrabTaxi Plus, passengers will get to enjoy higher service quality from Grab’s best driver-partners and also the comfort of travelling in nicer cars with a suite of in-car benefits. While we are targeting regular Grab users to use this service, it will also be beneficial for expats and tourists in Yangon. At the same time, a service such as this helps to bring more income to our driver-partners who maintain the highest standards of service and in-car condition. It also encourages them to improve their English and map navigation skills”, said Mr Amrt Sagar, Country Manager, Grab Myanmar.

As GrabTaxi Plus is served by Grab’s top drivers and features better cars for more comfortable rides, the service is being offered at a slightly higher fixed fare of approximately 20% compared to regular GrabTaxi rides.

How to book a GrabTaxi Plus Ride:

1)     After opening the Grab app, passengers can key in their pick-up and drop-off destination, similar to booking a regular GrabTaxi ride.

2)     Tap on the vehicle menu at the bottom of the screen and choose GrabTaxi Plus.

3)     Tap “Book” and enjoy your ride! Grab will locate the nearest available GrabTaxi Plus driver for the passenger.

In October 2017, Grab Myanmar launched Multi-Stop Rides, a feature that enables passengers to add one extra stop to their GrabTaxi ride. Passengers can now book a GrabTaxi or GrabTaxi Plus ride with up to two stops per trip, and see the total fixed fare upfront before confirming the booking. With Multi-Stop Rides, Grab has made it more convenient for passengers to customise their routes based on their needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing the additional distance is automatically included in the upfront fare listed in the app.

Grab has also recently expanded to Mandalay with the beta trial of its GrabBike service to make the Mandalay transport system more efficient. During the ongoing beta trial of GrabBike which started on 7 December, passengers can look forward to using the Grab mobile app to book bike taxis on-demand, and enjoy an easy-to-use and reliable travel experience. Existing bike taxi drivers can use the Grab app to get more passenger bookings and improve their livelihoods. The beta trial will be ongoing, with the aim to ensure that the GrabBike service is tested and running smoothly when Grab is ready to launch fully to the public.

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