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Grab Drives Three-Wheel Ridehailing Service with Full Launch of GrabThoneBane in Mandalay

  Grab launches GrabThoneBane after successful pilot trial Service offers a more reliable and safer mode of transportation for commuters in Mandalay Driver-partners enjoy more bookings and improved livelihoods, as well as access to financial services Mandalay, Myanmar, 7 August […]

GrabThoneBane driver-partners with GrabThoneBane

  Grab launches GrabThoneBane after successful pilot trial

  • Service offers a more reliable and safer mode of transportation for commuters in Mandalay
  • Driver-partners enjoy more bookings and improved livelihoods, as well as access to financial services

Mandalay, Myanmar, 7 August 2018 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading online-to-offline (O2O) mobile platform, today celebrated the full service launch of its three-wheel vehicle service named GrabThoneBane to offer reliable, safe and fixed-fare rides for commuters in Mandalay. The launch comes after the successful beta trial of GrabThoneBane which commenced on 14 May 2018 with a small group of drivers. Grab has scaled up the GrabThoneBane service in recent months following positive feedback received from passengers and driver-partners.

During the GrabThoneBane beta trial period from May to July, there was a 50 percent month-on-month increase in the number of completed rides booked by passengers through the Grab mobile application. In addition, the number of GrabThoneBane three-wheel vehicles has doubled since May to serve the growing base of Grab passengers in the city, with more driver-partners being signed up daily.

Similar to how Grab has grown to become the leading ridehailing service provider in Southeast Asia and Yangon, the company aims to be the top-of-mind choice for ridehailing services among commuters in Mandalay.

Said Alvin Loh, Acting Country Manager of Grab Myanmar, “We are grateful to passengers and driver-partners of our GrabThoneBane service who shared valuable feedback during our beta trial period as this has helped us to tailor the service to better serve the Mandalay community. The growing number of GrabThoneBane rides weekly reflects a growing appetite from commuters in Mandalay to use our ridehailing service for safe and convenient transportation.”

Grab introduces GrabThoneBane Service in Mandalay on 7 August.

Grab is already running similar three-wheel vehicle ride hailing services in Cambodia. In Mandalay, GrabThoneBane offers benefits to daily commuters such as homemakers, small families, couples as well as local and foreign travellers. Benefits for passengers include:

  • Fares are fixed and displayed upfront before the passenger books a ride so there is no need to haggle over fares at the roadside.
  • Grab’s technology means drivers can pick up passengers at exact pinpointed locations.
  • A GrabThoneBane taxi will arrive within minutes of the booking, bringing convenience to passengers.
  • Passengers can travel with loads.
  • Grab driver-partners are rigorously screened and trained to provide the best service.

GrabThoneBane will also improve the lives of driver-partners in the following ways:

  • Driver-partners will get to earn up to three times more in income compared to regular three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers.
  • Driver-partners will get to earn daily incentives based on daily performance metrics such as the number of completed rides and passenger service rating.
  • Driver-partners can enjoy flexible working hours, insurance coverage, skills upgrading and access to a driver community support system.
  • Grab will provide access for driver-partners to financial services.
  • Driver-partners will soon get to enjoy a series of benefits under the Grab Better 365 scheme including special discounts at petrol stations and vehicle servicing workshops

Additionally, both passengers and driver-partners of GrabThoneBane rides will also be covered with medical insurance in the unlikely event of any accident.

“I think GrabThoneBane is a very useful service especially when you need to commute urgently or for an emergency. If I need to book a taxi, I choose Grab for its convenience and the fixed-fare price which is listed upfront on my phone”, said doctor Ko Kyaw Shin Thant.

“What I love most about riding with Grab is the feeling of safety. These days, passengers are concerned about issues with drivers who rob passengers or intentionally taking the wrong routes. That’s why I like Grab as I know all rides are logged and I need not worry or stress about Grab drivers trying to cause harm”, he added.

Said U Thi Han Soe, a GrabThoneBane driver-partner since May 2018, “Previously, I needed to find passengers by driving on the roads. There were many days when I didn’t get enough passengers even after driving for a long time. After registering with Grab and using the driver application, I found myself getting more bookings. Having more jobs means I can earn more money. Both passengers and drivers are also happy about the reasonable fixed fares which is fair for both sides. In the past, there were very few people willing to take three-wheel taxis after 8pm but now, I am also getting passengers at night. Grab helps us to build trust with passengers and to complete more rides.”

How to Book a GrabThoneBane Ride

Passengers can experience a GrabThonebane ride in Mandalay by downloading the Grab app for free from Google Play and the App Store. Steps to book a GrabThoneBane ride:

1)     After opening the Grab app, passengers can key in their pick-up and drop-off destination.

2)  Choose GrabThoneBane among the transportation services and see fixed fare for the trip.

3)  Tap on promo and key in promo code and tap Use Now. The discounted fare will be showed.

2)     Tap “Book” and enjoy your ride! Grab will locate the nearest available GrabThoneBane driver for the passenger.

How Three-Wheel Vehicle Drivers in Mandalay can Register with Grab

Existing three-wheel vehicle drivers in Mandalay can register to drive with Grab by contacting the Grab Mandalay office at 30 Street, between 78 & 79 Street, Chan Aye Tharzan Township, Mandalay Railway Station, Hotel Marvel. They can also call the Grab Myanmar Call center at 01- 2399900.

To register with Grab, three-wheel vehicle taxi drivers must have their own licensed vehicles which meet the government’s transportation standards. They must also present the following:

o   NRC

o   Ownerbook

o   Bank Details

o   Household Register

o   Police Recommendation

o   Township Recommendation

GrabThoneBane Promotions

Grab is providing launch promotion codes for all GrabThoneBane passengers. New Grab passengers can use the promo code “MANDALAY” to enjoy MMK 2,000 off for the first three rides while all Grab passengers can use the promo code “GRABMDY” to enjoy MMK 2,000 off for 5 rides daily from 1 to 15 August. Additionally, Grab passengers can use the promo code “THONEBANE” to enjoy up to MMK 3,000 discount for 5 rides from 7 to 15 August.

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