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Legitimate Job

GrabCar is the vehicle booking app that is legalized to run under the supervision and evaluation of Ministry of Transportation. Therefore, you are insured to make use of your car to earn profit everyday.

Attractive income

Earn attractive income, up to 26-33 million VND each month when riding full time with us. Moreover, your income could increase to 35 million during peak seasons such as holidays, raining season.

Be your own boss

You are free only 2-3 hours everyday, or your car is available only on weekend? No problem, GrabCar helps you actively organize your time schedule so you can pick up passengers anytime you want and earn more with us.

Quick and Prompt Support

GrabCar support team is always ready to guide you. Contact us at: HCM City (0909 88 4444) or HN (0909 83 4444)

Exclusive benefits on car deals and rental packages

GrabCar has exclusive connection with many banks and car agents to help you with appropriate selection.

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  • If the car is registered to your spouse: please also provide your marriage certificate; alternatively we will accept a district notarized copy of your Authorization Contract (or Rental Agreement)
  • If the car is registered to someone who is not your spouse: please also provide a district notarized copy of your Authorization Contract (or Rental Agreement); in addition, both parties (primary car owner and authorized party) must be present at registration

You can research the information about the cooperation in the area where you registered HCM/HN to ask for permission if it fits the conditions of that cooperation. For documents such as business registration certificate and tax declaration 08, the cooperation will be responsible to providing it for you those after your participation.

According to Decree 24/QĐ BGTVT, all cars registered with GrabCar must have a blackbox installed and display the co-op logo, contract car badge, and GrabCar sticker in order to operate. As a result, interested car owners should first register with a participating cooperation to receive these documents. The cooperation will then provide instructions on how to convert your car from family to business along with inspection requirements.

Based on the market situations at certain points of time, Grab will have appropriate programs, and 1 week before we change the program, we will inform you for any preparations.

In that instance, the bank will provide you with a copy of your car registration with the bank’s stamp. Please bring the original copy to the Grab office where we will verify the document and keep a photocopy for our records.