Grab started with safety in mind, and it will always be our top priority. See below for a quick snapshot of our key safety features, or dive into the full story here.

Passenger Verification

We’re making it a prerequisite for passengers to register with either their social media login or electronic payment account.

Personal Accident Insurance

Both you and your passenger are covered with our free Personal Accident Insurance. To make a claim, just submit a form via our Help Centre

Driver-Partner’s Weekly Report Card

Using advanced algorithms, we track your driving characteristics, and give you weekly reports to improve on safety and comfort.

Driver-Partner In-app Safety Toolkit

Call for help to your exact location in the fastest way possible, notifying your loved ones, local authorities, or our security company.

Driver Fatigue Management System

This system will help monitor your wellbeing, and will prompt you to take a break when necessary.

To make your driving experience with us a pleasant one, we’re constantly enhancing it with little details.

GrabChat Picture Messages

To help you find your passengers quickly, they can now send an image of their exact location.

GrabChat Voice Messages

Can’t type at the moment? Reach your passenger by sending a voice message instead.

Recommended Entrances and Pick-up Points

We’ve added 4 million pick-up points across Southeast Asia. So it’s easier for your passenger to pick a recommended and easier-to-reach location, especially in busy areas or at places with multiple entrances.

My Destination

Pick ‘My Destination’ at the end of your day, so that the app can prioritise trips that get you closer to your end destination.

Improved Map Accuracy

We are constantly improving our map for accuracy by crowdsourcing data from your location-related feedback and passenger reports.

Trip Rating

We’ve made it easier for passengers to provide feedback based on the rating they’ve given you. This makes it easier for them to give quality feedback and to avoid penalising you for factors beyond your control.

We’re constantly evaluating our compensation policy and improving your benefits to ensure that you’re properly rewarded when driving with us.

Maximise The Possibilities

Explore the many ways of how you can earn extra income, save with exclusive privileges and more, all within the Discovery section.

All Your Info At A Glance

Achieve your performance goals with faster access to view your profile, track current ratings and tier status.

Detailed Earnings Overview (Coming Soon!)

Access to the breakdown of earnings to know exactly how much you make on every job, enabling you to track, manage and plan your finances better.

Grab Driver-Partner Benefits

Flash your driver app to our listed partners to enjoy deals and savings on regular expenses like: petrol, mobile phone plans, health insurance, and car maintenance.

Grab Pit Stops

Enjoy free or discounted goodies and other exclusive Driver-Partner benefits at your nearest Grab Pit Stop.


You can now collect gems by choosing any combination of jobs (Rides, Food, or Express) that best suit you to hit your incentive targets.

Driver-Partner Referrals

Earn a commission when you refer your friends to be a Grab Driver-Partner. Make a referral easily within the app.

More Ways To Earn

Earn more on your own schedule with our new services like GrabFood, GrabExpress and Rent.


Gain access to an exclusive online training portal anytime to improve your knowledge or life skills as a Driver-Partner.

Community Feedback Events

We’ll organise regular engagement events for meetups to hear you out, get feedback and listen to your suggestions to improve.


Passengers will now have the in-app option of tipping you for your good service.

See what other driver-partners think about our Tipping feature.

See what other driver-partners think about our Compensation For Cancellations.