Grab started with safety in mind, and it will always be our priority.
See below for a quick snapshot of our key safety features, or dive into the full story here.

Emergency Button

Call for help to your exact location. This button will notify your loved ones or the local authorities.

Share My Ride

Share your location easily with your loved ones in real time, along with the details of the ride you’re in and who your driver is.

Driver Fatigue Management System

This system uses data science to analyse fatigue, so it can remind your driver to take a break when necessary.

Driver Selfie Authentication

Drivers are required to authenticate their identity with facial recognition at least once a day to ensure they match their app profile.

Suspicious Login Detection

To protect your account from accidental or intentional takeovers, security checks are performed to verify your identity.

Driver’s Weekly Report Card

Using advanced algorithms, we track our drivers’ driving characteristics, and give them weekly reports to improve on safety and comfort.

Personal Accident Insurance

Know that you’re protected throughout your ride with our free Personal Accident Insurance. To make a claim, just submit a form via our Help Centre.

From the moment you book a ride, right till the moment you arrive at your destination, we are constantly enhancing your experience in many ways.

GrabChat Picture Messages

To help your driver locate you quickly, you can send a picture of your exact location.

GrabChat Voice Messages

Can’t type at the moment? Reach your driver by sending a voice message instead.

Recommended Entrances and Pick-up Points

We’ve added 4 million pick-up points across Southeast Asia. So it’s more convenient for you to pick a recommended and easier-to-reach location, especially in busy areas or at places with multiple entrances.

Change Destination

Now, you have the option of changing your destination/drop-off point while in transit. Your fare will be updated, taking into account the distance already travelled.

Cancel Anytime

Keyed in a wrong destination? Changed your mind? Cancel your booking during the driver-search phase, with no penalty or charges incurred.

Driver Reallocation After Cancellation

In the event of a driver cancelling on you, the app will automatically assign a new driver to pick you up.

Saved Places

Save your favourite destinations like home, work or anywhere you like for faster booking.

Trip Rating

We’ve made it easier for you to give feedback based on the rating that you’ve chosen for your driver.

Route Display

Now you’ll be able to see the estimated Arrival Time of your driver before being picked up, and your estimated Arrival Time once your ride begins.


You’ll now have the option of tipping your driver within the app, as a thank you for great service.

Note: This option is only available if you picked the cashless payment method.

Call Support

We’ve made it quicker for you to get help from our customer support agents. Now you can pick from a list of issues even before you make your call.

From a range of benefits, offers, and experiences, to plans that help with savings, we’re making constant improvements to make your experience with us even more rewarding.

Improved Platinum and Gold Tier Benefits

Your new GrabRewards benefits include priority allocations, and discounted ride and food redemptions. Platinum users will also enjoy additional vouchers, deals, and a special monthly reward.

On top of that, you’ll enjoy special discounts on sites like To sign up for this, visit your GrabRewards catalogue.


Pay less for the Grab services you use most. Choose between a ride plan, food plan, or combine both. Just sign up for either plan to receive stacks of discount vouchers every month. Your Grab Subscription Plan will be auto-renewed every month but can be cancelled at any time.