The nearest car or taxi at an affordable upfront fare.

Our cars & taxis come together so you can be on your way faster!

JustGrab automatically assigns the nearest vehicle, either a taxi or car, to you at an upfront fare. This allows you to know your exact fares even before you book. Having more vehicles also allow us to get you ride a much faster than any other app in Thailand.

There are plenty of reasons to JustGrab.


Get picked up quickly and surely by the nearest car or taxi.


Upfront and reasonable pricing.


On-demand, anywhere, anytime.

How to book a JustGrab ride

Download App

Scan QR Code


JustGrab is a service that combines our car & taxi fleets, to automatically assign you the nearest vehicle at an affordable upfront fare.

Easy! Just tap on the transport icon. Enter pick-up and drop-off points then select JustGrab to see an upfront fare for your ride. Now if you have a promo code, don’t hesitate to enter it and enjoy your extra savings. Tap ‘Book’ and voilà! The nearest vehicle will arrive shortly!

Grab will automatically select the nearest vehicle for you, either a car or a taxi. Our promise to you, is that you’ll be on your way faster whenever you book a JustGrab!

No. You will pay an upfront fare for all rides booked via JustGrab! If you prefer metered fare rides, please book a GrabTaxi via standard taxi.