Your safety is always our priority.

Grab was born out of a mission to make transport safer across Southeast Asia,
and safety remains at the heart of our business.

That’s why we’re introducing the new in-app ‘Emergency’ button. One tap,
and 999 will be keyed into your phone, to connect you directly with the Police.
Although this is probably a feature you’ll never need to use, you’ll ride with
peace of mind knowing that help is just a button away.

When should I press
the ‘Emergency’ button?

You should only press it in the unlikely event of an emergency,
e.g. if you or your driver are in danger.

What if I need other emergency services?

191 also serves as the general emergency hotline number for Thailand, you may be connected you to the Fire and Ambulance services as well. Alternatively, please contact Grab Support for non-emergencies.

*Reminder: Please use all emergency services responsibly.

Where you’ll find the Emergency button:

Did you know?

One of the safety features of the Grab app is Share My Ride, which allows you to share your driver and ride details with your loved ones.