Get a lift at half the usual price, save the environment, make new friends.

What is GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is the latest product from Grab, Thailand. The new carpooling service is designed for drivers with extra space in their vehicles to pick up fellow passengers who share similar routes or destinations.

Why GrabHitch?

Affordable option for daily commute

Reduce traffic and help the environment

Hassle-free cashless transaction. Hop in, hop out, and have a great day!

How it works?


Well, cheaper rides is one main reason! Taking a GrabHitch can be 20-40% cheaper than other options like Taxis. Furthermore, you can meet interesting people and maybe even make a new life-long friend. Some of our users have rediscovered long lost childhood friends, secured job interviews or wedding photography services, and even received parenting tips from their new friends!

All products are housed under the Grab app. GrabTaxi is a cab-hailing service, while GrabCar is a commercial platform for drivers to pick up passengers when taxis are not readily available at a certain location. GrabHitch, however, is a social ridesharing platform which aims to be affordable and convenient to use for both commuters and private car owners.

All GrabHitch drivers and their vehicles are vetted and verified by a dedicated Grab team, and we continue to monitor driver activity to ensure that GrabHitch continues to be a safe platform for everyday use.

“You can create all your bookings through the GrabHitch tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off points, schedule a trip from 5 minutes up to 7 days in advance, select book and our servers will ping your route request to drivers who share similar journeys. You’ll be notified via SMS and in-app notification when a driver has confirmed your booking, and a reminder will be sent to you 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Click here to see booking step details”

Click here to see booking step details”

You can cancel the booking in-app, but we encourage you to notify the driver via SMS or phone call as soon as you realise you need to cancel to avoid inconveniencing him/her. After all, our GrabHitch drivers are very busy people just like you!

You can book an unlimited number of rides a day.

There is a possibility that this occurs as the driver may be ferrying his own friends or family on the journey, but the majority of our rides only involve the driver and one passenger.

Your journey fare is calculated based on your pickup and drop off locations and the price will be displayed in the app once you input these locations. ERP fees are not calculated into the cost and some drivers may request that you split it with them prior to the ride.

Payment is easy! You can choose to pay via GrabPay (credit card) or cash, but please remember to select either option before you make the booking.

GrabHitch drivers will only be able to see your name, profile photo and mutual friends that you may have in common from Facebook. Also, the driver will not be able to contact you until he confirms your booking.

Do write it down in the ‘Notes to driver’ box before you book your route, and after confirmation we suggest you SMS the driver to double-check. It never hurts to ask!

“Your driver is not a commercial driver like our GrabCar partners so remember to treat them the same way you would treat a friend giving you a (very cheap) lift to your destination! Be kind and spare a thought for your driver’s time! SMS or call if you’re going to be early or late to your pick-up point. Sit in the front seat and smile! Break the ice by talking about your job, sports you’re into, movies you’ve watched, anything really!”

We suggest that you try to call or SMS the driver first, and if he/she remains uncontactable, cancel the trip and request for another ride.

We suggest that you not board the vehicle and report the incident to us as soon as possible by writing to