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What is GrabTaxi?

GrabTaxi is a product under the Grab app that matches taxi drivers with passengers who request a ride.

Earn more, get rewarded and reduce idle time on the road!

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More Income

Earn up to 30% more with the Grab app.

Driver Rewards

Enjoy attractive rewards under our loyalty programme.

Our Promise

We are committed to our drivers. Changes will happen in Grab’s services but as our partner, you will remain one of our main pillars for years to come.

Your Job, Your Time

Enjoy your job whenever you want and wherever you want

Enjoy Dynamic Pricing with JustGrab

Get more jobs. You can now accept upfront fare jobs with dynamic pricing on JustGrab!

How It Works

Use Grab to go to anywhere freely

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You can top your credit with us in person at Grab office, or you can do a bank transfer.

Follow the regular process instructed during your orientation. Should you need further assistance, you can call our Call Center for support.