Enjoy safer rides with Grab

🚗You can get around town with safer rides because
Grab has strict hygiene and safety measures to protect you.

 Grab, No.1 🏆 ride hailing service trusted for safety and hygiene standards**, rolled out GrabProtect measures to ensure safety in every ride.

GrabProtect comes with 5 step to keep you safe
💚 Drivers must complete an online health and hygiene declaration everyday.
💚Drivers and passengers must wear a mask at all times.
💚 Drivers have hygiene kits, advised to disinfect their hands and vehicles frequently throughout the day.
💚 If a driver or passenger is unwell or not wearing a mask, either party can cancel the ride and the penalty will be waived.*
💚 Go cashless and pay with GrabPay to reduce contact with coins and bills.

*Terms and conditions apply.
**From a research survey during 1-21 Nov 2021 by interviewing 1,800 people