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#GrabThumbsUp Awards

Introduced for the first time in 2022,
known as the bible of the best restaurants real foodies shouldn’t miss

Merchants must meet the top-notch standards in various aspects, including numbers of order, ratings, and reviews.

This year was even more special.
5 food experts from various fields were invited to determine the winner.

Grab awarded a total of 451 awards to merchants including “The Best Food Delivery Merchant of the Year” award
and The Best Restaurant Awards by food categories.

Foodies can identify the awarded merchants by the trophy symbol next to the restaurant name
or a frame with #GrabThumbsUp Awards 2023 icon on merchant’s photo.

For more information about the winners of the #GrabTumbsUp Awards 2023, please visit 👇

Anyone having a chance to enjoy deliciousness of the #GrabThumbsUp restaurants
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