GrabGifts, the perfect gift card for all ocasions

It's like sending your loved one a voucher, only sweeter.

💚 Now you can even send GrabGifts to your beloved one via Grab app.
The perfect digital Grab vouchers for all occasions!

Here’s how to send GrabGifts?
1. Access  “Gifts” tile on your Grab app, before selecting the giftee
2. Select the country where your recipient is located. Choose from GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabExpress and Grab Rides as gift options. You may select and offer up to 3 options in the same transaction for your recipient to choose one final gift from.
4. Select your gift value
5. Write a message, and choose a virtual card design
6. Make the payment, and off it goes to your recipient!

🥰 Have someone in mind while reading this? Go on and open your Grab app to send a gift to your friends and family right now!