GrabPet: Give Your Fur-Babies the Best Treat

No private car? Don’t let it keep you from giving your pets the best treat–adventures with their favorite human! Starting today, we’re doing a beta run for GrabPet, our new transport special service for passengers who want to take their pets on rides.

Get a sure, safe ride with your pet

Now you don’t need to worry that your pet won’t be accepted on public transport. We want to make transport safe and accessible for all, so we designed our GrabPet cars to have a special area designated just for our furry (or other) friends. The rear area of our GrabPet cars are lined and equipped with crates to carry your pets. GrabPet comes with travel insurance for your pets, too!

Enjoy smooth rides with our specially-trained drivers

We’ve selected 5-star drivers and given them special training to cater to passengers with pets. While they won’t handle your pets personally (for safety reasons), they are there to make sure you get to your destination safely and comfortably.

Some treats coming for your and your pets

We’re working on collaborating with other pet-loving partners. Stay tuned for exclusive treats!


Read Up on FAQs

  • What is GrabPet?
    • GrabPet is a premium Grab transport service that aims to help you transport your pets in a safe and comfortable way. It is currently available in Metro Manila only.
  • What types of animals are allowed on GrabPet?
    • Right now, only certain types of pets are allowed on GrabPet. All pets must be accompanied by human passengers. Pets with parasites and/or fleas are strictly not allowed. Pets MUST follow the requirement below for the ride:
      • Dogs: Leashed and wearing a diaper, or crated with muzzle
      • Cats: Crated or wearing a diaper
      • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters: Crated
      • Fish: In a sealed bag or closed fish tank
      • Turtles: In a closed container
  • How many passenger(s) can ride with their pet(s)?
    • A maximum of four passengers can ride with the pet(s).
  • How many pet(s) can I bring?
    • GrabPet accepts a maximum of 2 medium pets (e.g. Poodles, any cats, etc.) or 1 large pet per ride (e.g. Golden Retriever, etc.).
    • Height limits for pets:
      • Small: 12 inches and below
      • Medium: 12+ to 15 inches
      • Large: above 15 inches
  • Who is responsible for loading and unloading the pet(s)?
    • Riders are fully responsible for loading and unloading pets. Please make sure your pet does not cause concern or risk to the driver-partner at all times during the ride. Driver-partners may choose to cancel the ride if the pet displays aggressive behavior.
    • If you need assistance in handling pets, please inform our driver-partners in advance so they can determine if they will be able to assist you.
  • What if my pet makes a mess in the car?
    • If your pet makes a mess in the car, we recommend exchanging contact details with the driver-partner, then proceeding to make direct arrangements for the cleaning fee payment.
  • Can I still bring pet(s) on non-GrabPet rides such as GrabCar Premium or GrabCar?
    • We strongly discourage you to bring pets on non-GrabPet rides. Drivers of other services may opt to cancel your ride. This is to ensure everyone’s safety, as only pets riding on GrabPet are insured.