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Q: How do I earn GrabRewards Points?

A: We’ve updated how you can earn GrabRewards Points. Starting 10 July 2023, the point-earning system will be dependent on your GrabUnlimited subscription, veering away from the initial model which is tied to your GrabRewards membership tier.  Enjoying a more streamlined and rewarding experience, GrabUnlimited subscribers will have the opportunity to earn up to 6 GrabRewards Points for every P100 peso spent. Making earned points even more valuable are discounts on items in the GrabRewards catalog exclusive to GU subscribers.  


Q: Do I have to do anything to enjoy the new GrabRewards programme?

A: You will need to subscribe to GrabUnlimited to keep earning GrabRewards points.


Q: Will I still be able to move up and down the GrabRewards membership tier?

A: Yes, GrabUnlimited subscribers will continue to enjoy the progression of their GrabRewards membership tier based on points they accumulate from cashless Grab transactions. GU subscribers will automatically be recognized as GrabRewards Members once they make their first cashless Grab transaction. 


Q: Will my GrabRewards tier be ‘downgraded’?

A: The GrabRewards tiering system will remain. As long as you accumulate the number of points needed to meet your GrabRewards tier within the first 6-month period – between 1 January and 30 June; or between 1 July and 31 December – you will continue to maintain your tier status for the next 6-months period.


Q: Can I transfer my current GrabRewards membership and benefit to someone else?

A: GrabRewards membership is non-transferrable. 


Q: How do I make sure my GrabRewards points do not expire?

A: Effective July 10, 2023, GrabRewards Points validity will be extended for users subscribed to GrabUnlimited whenever they make a cashless transaction through Grab. This enhancement ensures that users can enjoy their earned points for a longer duration, adding value and convenience to their Grab experience.

Cash transactions, peer-to-peer GrabPay credits transfer, GrabPay Card transactions, GrabPay Wallet top-up, Grab Subscription purchase or renewal, GrabRewards points redemption and points from campaigns/ promotions do not qualify as eligible transactions for validity extension.

Need More Information?

Find more information on how you can earn GrabRewards points, transactions that qualify for points & more by visiting the link below. 

*Grab reserves the right to change the reward offers and points multiplier for payment via cash, GrabPay Credits or GrabPay (credit/debit card) without prior notice.