How do I keep my account and device secure?

Practise these simple steps to keep your account and device safe.

Get the real deal

You can only access your driver account using the official Grab Driver app. Our reinforced system detects usage of unofficial driver apps and blocks their access.

Abandon all non-Grab driver apps and get the real deal from the Play Store or App Store now!

Let’s keep it honest

Spoofing your GPS or modifying your device to get rides isn’t cool. Devices with unauthorized apps as GPS spoofer will affect your driver account access, and may result in penalties including incentives disqualification or a ban on your account.

If you have any unauthorized apps on your device, do remove them from your phone today.

Some things never change

For example, your device settings.

Modifying your device (rooting, jailbreaking, or installing Xposed) can affect your account security. To keep your account secure, you will not be able to access your driver account if you’re using a modified device.

To ensure continued access to your driver account, always keep your original device settings.

Find out more about it here.

To share or not to share

The answer is NO!

No one should access or share your account apart from you. Set a complex password and never share your login details to anyone. Not even Grab, your family and your close friends.

If you’ve received any suspicious email, text or call that claims to be from Grab, DO NOT respond, click on any links, or open the attachments. Check for any references to a scam and report it immediately.
Learn more about protecting your account here.