Things to look forward to with Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club before the year ends!

Mga Kadiskarte, here are the new and exclusive features we have in store for you in time for the new year! 👍 Check it out below! ⬇️

New Improved GrabExpress features for you to enjoy!

Experience the convenience of GrabExpress on a bigger screen!​

GrabExpress Web is now available with features that’ll handle your deliveries swiftly and efficiently!

Your delivery planning process is going to be extra smooth with GrabExpress Web, ’cause it’s built with your convenience in mind. Explore Multiple Concurrent Deliveries, Bulk Uploads, and Multi-stop Deliveries – all in the comfort of a bigger screen.

Here's a glimpse of what GrabExpress Web has to offer!

With  Multiple Concurrent Deliveries, you can book as many deliveries you need.

Organize up to 150 deliveries on our spreadsheet at one go with Bulk Upload.

Book a Multi-stop Delivery if your delivery has more than one drop-off point.

On top of these features, you can book any of the following GrabExpress services:

GrabExpress Instant – Motorbike

GrabExpress Instant – Bicycle

GrabExpress 4 Hours

GrabExpress MPV

GrabExpress Pabili

How do you log-in to GrabExpress Web?

Go to and tap on ‘Log in with Mobile Number‘.

You’ll receive an OTP after keying in your mobile number, and that’s it! You’ll have access to GrabExpress Web.

Follow these easy steps to start your GrabExpress Web journey!

Here are some easy steps on how to do Bulk Upload!

What are you waitng for? Try it out now!

Got questions? We got you covered!

For existing Grab users, no need to sign-up! You can log-in using your registered Grab mobile number through this page.

Only selected promos can be used for GrabExpress Web. Check the promo’s Terms & Conditions for more details.

From the “Bookings” tab found on top of GrabExpress Web homepage, you may check your ongoing deliveries. Select the 3 dots on the right of the status and click “Track Delivery“.

This will show you your delivery progress and driver’s location in real-time.


  • You may easily check your booking history under the “Bookings” tab found on top of the GrabExpress Web homepage.
  • You can also view your GrabExpress Web booking history inside the Grab mobile app the same way you track your mobile app bookings.

    Note: Only GrabExpress Web transactions can be seen on the booking history. All mobile app transactions will not be visible in the GrabExpress Web booking history.

Yes, all GrabExpress Web deliveries earn GrabRewards Points except for 4 Hours deliveries.

You can now schedule your deliveries ahead of time!

Secure and time your deliveries efficiently with Scheduled Deliveries!

Starting TODAY, you may now schedule all your delivery bookings ahead of time, without any extra costs. This will surely help you and your online business manage the upcoming holiday rush!

So what is different for Scheduled Deliveries?

Scheduled Deliveries lets you have your items picked up & delivered whenever you’re ready, using any GrabExpress delivery service – Instant, Sedan, and MPV.

You can schedule your deliveries 3 days in advance at a much cheaper cost similar to GrabExpress 4H.

How to use Scheduled Deliveries

Book now and schedule your deliveries right away!

No more requirements for COD!

GrabExpress Cash on Delivery will gradually be available to ALL existing MBC members starting TODAY! No requirements required to enjoy our COD service!

But wait!
 To ensure the safety of your cash remittances and to avoid fraudulent transactions, we will still require a consent process so you may receive your remittances smoothly and on time.

Fill-up our consent form as early as TODAY to get your remittances on time.

It won’t take more than 5 minutes, we promise!

What is GrabExpress Cash on Delivery all about?

GrabExpress COD is one of the delivery services offered by Grab and is exclusive to Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club members.

It allows customers to postpone paying for the products until it’s delivered to their location. Upon receiving the item, that’s the time they surrender cash payment to our driver-partners.

Afterwards, GrabExpress will remit the cash payment back to the online sellers within 2 business days, through their GrabPay wallet.

Did you know that our settlement period is the fastest in the market today?

Here are the benefits you'll get with GrabExpress COD

Having a COD option for your deliveries allows your business to tap on a larger market who still prefer to pay in cash. Offering GrabExpress COD can help you avoid cart abandonment, which can happen if a customer finds out that you offer a limited number of payment options.

Having COD as a payment option is good for both low or high-value items. Not everyone will want to do a bank deposit or transact with their credit cards when they’re only buying low-priced items.

Another benefit in using GrabExpress COD is that it has the fastest remittance turnaround in the market, as it only takes 48 hours or 2 working days for your cashout to arrive in your GrabPay wallet, which you can easily withdraw or transfer  through numerous bank partners that we have.

Have we mentioned that it’s super convenient and dependable? Gone are the days of anxiety on unreliable delivery services and accounting last-minute customer payments as we have well-trained driver-partners and a reliable COD payment system that will surely give you a peace of mind daily.

Don't know how to use GrabExpress COD? Click below to find out how!

Create your own website powered by Grab

Starting early 2022, all Grab MBC members will now have an exclusive access to create their own website through Grab Online Shop. This will not only help strengthen your day-to-day operations, but also drive additional sales and revenue for your online business. 

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect with Grab Online Shop

Interested? Start preparing these requirements in time for the official launch in 2022!

  • It is important to have your Grab Wallet verified with us so you’ll be able to receive your cash remittances safely and on time. This is also in order to protect you from fraudulent transactions with Grab Online Shop.
  • Provide a clear, front and back copy of your government ID, showing your signature and photo.
  • Provide the registered T.I.N. number of your online business
  • DTI Permit
  • BIR 2303
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Business Permit
  • Barangay Permit
  • Prepare a separate excel document containing all listed products you have together with the following details:
    • Item Name
    • Item Description
    • Hi-resolution image of your products
  • GrabExpress Contract
  • Grab Online Store Contract

More information will be shared soon on the MBC Facebook Community!

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