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What is GrabRewards?


What are

GrabRewards allow you to earn points for every GrabTaxi, GrabCar, and GrabShare ride you take. With these points, you’ll be able to redeem free rides, special discount codes and exclusive deals from our partners.

It’s super easy and effortless! Just take your usual rides and be rewarded right away.

Grab your way up

As you ride with Grab and earn points, you’ll move up the membership ranks.
Every achievement yout unlock earns you special privileges!


GrabRewards member

  • Redeem free rides and vouchers.
  • Get access to the hottest deals from our partners.

1000 pts


  • Unlock better and more exclusive Ride Rewards.

3000 pts


  • Gain exclusive access to Grab’s latest features.
  • Unlock better and more exclusive Ride Rewards.

8000 pts


  • Get priority bookings when you order a ride.
  • Gain exclusive access to Grab’s latest features.
  • Unlock better and more exclusive Ride Rewards.
  • Gain access to a dedicated Platinum Support Line.


  • GrabRewards is our flagship loyalty program. It enables riders to earn points with every ride. These points can be redeemed for rewards from our partners, or free rides from Grab!
  • Grab passengers are auto-enrolled into the program, and can earn points right away!

  • Every PHP 50.00 spent earns you 1 GrabRewards point
  • As part of our launch promotion, we’re applying a 20x points multiplier to your rides: this means that until 31 March, 2017, every PHP 50 spent will earn you 20 points instead!

  • Your tier was calculated based on the last six months’ of your ride history. There are four tiers: Platinum (8000 points), Gold, (3000 points), Silver (1000 points) and Member. You can check how far away you are from a tier upgrade in your GrabRewards homescreen!

  • Our Platinum passengers enjoy eligibility for priority booking (this will allow you to jump the virtual booking queue!) and also access a prioritized customer-support line, with a dedicated number. Enjoy!

  • We will be sad to see you go! But if you want to opt-back in at a later date, please note that your points balance resets to zero. So, we recommend you stay in the program and earn points with every ride!

  • We have allocated points based on your rides taken with Grab from January 1 2017.

  • Yes. Points expire after every 6-month period (January 1 – June 30, and July 1 – December 31).