Rent by the hour

Introducing a new way to ride with Grab

Now you can book a GrabCar by the hour! Enjoy the flexibility of having your personal GrabCar on standby to take you to wherever you need go, when you need it. Travel anywhere as long as your last stop is within the same city you were picked up in. Perfect for days when you need to make multiple trips, whether around your city or across multiple cities.

You can rent a GrabCar today in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Hanoi.

Why rent a GrabCar?

Rent a GrabCar and make day trips easier.

No pre-booking required

Get a car with a dedicated driver on-demand for a duration of your choice.

Flexible range of hourly packages

Choose from a wide range of hourly packages to suit your needs.

Transparent, fixed fares upfront

Know the exact fare even before you book your ride. Fares are inclusive of fuel and driver charges, excluding toll charges.

Competitive prices

All hourly packages are priced comparable to market rates.

How It Works

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Both cash and cashless payment methods are accepted.

You may have up to 4 and up to 7 passengers for GrabCar 4 and GrabCar 7 respectively.

You can extend your Rent booking by up to 4 hour over and above your selected duration. Extension beyond the booking period would depend on the discretion of the driver. If agreed by the driver, you can extend your booking with additional overtime charges of 20.000 VND/ 5 mins.

According to your need, please just ensure that at the end of the booking period (including any overtime incurred) the driver will have to be back to the same city you were picked up in. Therefore please plan the trip accordingly with your driver before pick-up.

While some drivers may speak English, it is not a prerequisite for drivers to be able to accept rides. We cannot assure that the driver assigned to you would be able to speak English.

Although some drivers may have knowledge of various places in the city, they are not trained tourist guides. We would recommend you have your itinerary planned and researched if you are taking the car for tourism purposes.

Yes, you will be able to. Corporate billing is not available yet but will be coming soon!