Introducing GrabNow

GrabNow is the most rewarding way to flag a GrabBike down! Once you’ve identified an available GrabBike driver, select “GrabNow” in your Grab app to book a ride on the spot with your driver!

Enjoy your usual Grab benefits from GrabRewards, cashless payment methods and the occasional promotions, all with the convenience of flagging down a nearby GrabBike.

Why use GrabNow?

Convenience of cashless payments

Fuss-free cashless payments via GrabPay (i.e. GrabPay credits or debit/credit card)

Get rewarded for each ride

Earn GrabRewards Points to redeem discounted Grab rides and other goodies

Save with promotions

Enjoy attractive promotions

How to use GrabNow


All GrabBike drivers are trained on GrabNow. Any available driver would be available to accept GrabNow jobs. You are also encouraged to enquire directly with the driver before your ride.

A GrabNow ride will be charged the standard GrabBike fare. There is no booking fee.

It’s optional because GrabNow rides are metered and will be charged according to the final distance travelled.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Grab app installed.

Like all Grab rides, we support payments via cash and GrabPay (credits/ debit cards and GrabPay credits).