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Why GrabBike?


No more bargain - We provide you fixed and transparent fares through the app.


The best way to roam around the city is sitting on a motorbike. And the traffic congestion will not be a big trouble anymore, we promise.


Our dedicated and friendly drivers will ensure you have the best experiences during the journey.

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Fare Table

Fixed, upfront prices - even before you book!
*Based on demand/supply in the area, the dynamic pricing will be applied to the basic fare

GrabBike Fare in all cities
Min fare (first 2km)VND 12.000
Basic fare/ km (after the first 2km)VND 4.000/ km
Fare/ minute (after the first 2km)VND 350/ min

Total charges include: fare displayed on the app and surcharges (if any), of which:
- Parking fees, ferry fees, parking fees,... when you use the service.
- Changing route will be charged a surcharge of VND 12,000 within 2 km. In case, change the route after 2km, please book a new bus again.
- In case you decide to get off the bus in the middle, before reaching the destination booked on the app, please pay 100% of the original fare of the trip.
- Additional surcharge of 10,000 VND/ trip when picking up guests at the following times: 22:00 to 6:00 from Monday - Sunday

To ensure the safety of you and your driver partner, please do not bring bulky goods and accompanying luggage, which may affect the driver's range.

The final displayed fee on the app is the amount you pay to use the service after deducting promotions/ discounts (if any) and does not include tolls.

GrabBike fare is updated from 05/12/2020

How to use GrabBike

Choose GrabBike icon in Grab app

Download Grab

Scan QR Code


No. All you need to do is selecting “GrabBike” icon in the Grab app for booking a motorbike taxi.

The fare is calculated base on the distance and time frame (peak and off peak hours). After key in your destination, GrabBike will calculate your fare based on the shortest distance. For further information of fare regulation, please see more at the table above.

GrabBike operates from 6 AM till 11PM. Besides, a number of freelance drivers will work during special time such as late night or early morning.