Code of Conduct: Driver / Delivery Partner
Penalty Guidelines

Grab maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of the Code of Conduct that we hold our independent driver and delivery-partners accountable to as part of our Grab community. This Guideline provides details of infringements of the Code of Conduct that may result in suspension or termination of user access to the Grab platform.

(A). Due to severity of violation, unsolves fraudulent activities before application period, specifically those that occurred before 00:00:01 of November 30th 2019, will be processed according to this latest treatment. The fraud cases with a large amount of money will be transferred to authorities party to investigate and handle.

(B). This code of conduct and treatments MUST be fully respected and followed, unless directed by Grab’s management. Notwithstanding to any terms in the contrary, depend-ing on severity of each case, including but not limited to the behaviors listed in this code of conduct, Grab reserves the right, under the duly authorization from the transporta-tion partners, to apply measurements differently, including the but not limited to permanently ban driver account from the first violation.

(C). Apart from those as prescribed herein, Grab will provide information to the investigating agency or other competent authorities for the serious acts of the car providers, car owners, drivers listed below and will temporarily lock the Grab app, discontinue cooperation until having the official conclusion from the investigation agency and/or other competent authority:

(D). Violation for the third time, penalty is suspended the account. If dax violates fourth time, depending on the seriousness, Grab can make decision including apply other penalties or terminate relationships with driver partner forever

(*) Grab will inform driver of level of penalty with updated documentation via Driver Blog. If drivers are still with Grab while the COC is valid, that means drivers agree to the Grab policy

(**) Term of Customer including : passenger, customer, partners with Grabs and others who use Grab services

(***) Valid reason is defined as Grab will evaluate the case and fully have the right to decide and approve the case

1. Sexual and indecent violation: Any case sexual violations, including but not limited to rape, sexual assault, indecent expose, solicitation should be treated as urgent cases.

2. Discrimination: Violation must be considered in terms of the circumstance of behavior. It shall be deemed as serious for the case the victim is passenger if hassle accours in the booking area or if the behaviors is serious discrimination in treatment or religion.

3. Weapons possession: It will be deemed as serious if driver is detected weapon possession while working.

4. Drugs possession : Any violations involving drugs seriously impact the safety. The nature and quantity of drugs, including for individual purpose or supply shall be considered.

5.Driving when being drunken/ driving when being affected by drugs. When a driver is accused of the driving or charge of a vehicle under the effect of alcoholic or drugs subtances, it should be distinguished between the action in or out the scope of employment, it should be notes that this vehicle can also be used for individual purpose. Howev-er, any driving when being drunken/ effected by drugs shall result in serious acts. If the accusation of these acts leads to the disqualification of mandatory for license, the cons-cation of driver’s accounts shall be considered to apply without depending on adjustment of the Court.