Your safety is always our priority.

Grab was born out of a mission to make transport safer across Southeast Asia,
and safety remains at the heart of our business.

That’s why we’re introducing the new in-app ‘Emergency’ button. One tap,
and 999 will be keyed into your phone, to connect you directly with the Police.
Although this is probably a feature you’ll never need to use, you’ll ride with
peace of mind knowing that help is just a button away.

When should I press
the ‘Emergency’ button?

You should only press it in the unlikely event of an emergency,
e.g. if you or your driver are in danger.

What if I need other emergency services?

For the Fire service, please call 114, and for Ambulance / First Aid services, please call 115. Alternatively, you may contact Grab Support for non-emergencies.

*Reminder: Please use all emergency services responsibly.

Where you’ll find the Emergency button:

Did you know?

One of the safety features of the Grab app is Share My Ride, which allows you to share your driver and ride details with your loved ones.