Covid-19 response

Grab is working closely with our partners to create and implement initiatives that ensure everyone has access to the right information and resources to get vaccinated.

Vaccination for all

Grab’s goal is to reach fully vaccinated* status for all Grab employees and Grab driver- and delivery-partners by the end of 2022*. We are working closely with governments to use our reach and network to ensure greater distribution of vaccines across SEA.

We are subsidising the cost of Covid-19 vaccines for driver- and delivery-partners not covered by national vaccination programmes.

Grab is also providing discounted rides to and from vaccination centres for those requiring assistance—such as the elderly or disabled.

*We recognise that this is dependent on the availability and access of vaccines to our partners and the wider community, and are closely monitoring this.

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Learn more about our collaboration with the Indonesian government to roll out SEA’s first Covid-19 vaccination drive-through and walk-in service in Bali for essential workers.


Financial assistance

To help ease the financial burden of driver-partners who are hospitalised due to Covid-19, Grab is providing financial assistance, rental waivers, insurance protection, and earnings support.

Additional earning opportunities

We expanded the GrabMart and GrabAssistant services to more countries across the region, allowing our partners to access more earning opportunities through the Grab platform.

Loans to help merchant-partners

Grab provides merchant-partners with loans to sustain their business plans, making sure that they not only survive but also stand a chance to thrive during these times.

Help for small business partners

For small businesses, Grab strives to speed up the process of connecting with GrabMart, helping merchant-partners quickly access Grab's wide customer base.

Safety and hygiene standards

In response to the pandemic and the users' actual demand, Grab has launched GrabCar Protect: providing the highest protection in terms of safety and hygiene for both Driver Partners and Passengers while actively contribute to the Government's COVID-19 prevention and control.

No mask, no ride

Passengers and driver-partners must wear a mask at all times. If either is not wearing a mask, either party can cancel the ride and the cancellation penalty fee will be waived. Cancellation reasons are monitored and necessary action is taken to ensure safety standards are enforced.

Online health and hygiene declaration

Driver- and delivery-partners are required to submit an online health and hygiene declaration form through the app before starting the ride or delivery. This is to confirm they do not exhibit Covid-19 symptoms and have adopted necessary safety measures. Driver- and delivery-partners are also required to take a mask selfie before starting their shift.

Contactless delivery

Consumers can notify delivery-partners via GrabChat to leave their orders at their doorstep, lobby, or specified location.

Cashless payments

Consumers are encouraged to choose cashless payments to minimise contact, making every ride and delivery even safer.

GrabCare Hygiene kits for partners

Driver- and delivery-partners are advised to frequently disinfect their vehicles and GrabFood delivery bags. Grab has also worked with multiple partners to provide free GrabProtect hygiene kits for our partners that include face masks, sanitisers, medical gloves and instructions for Covid-19 prevention under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Safety feedback

Consumers are able to provide feedback through our in-app ratings and feedback feature on health and hygiene concerns. Their feedback is investigated and necessary action is taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

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