Why is verifying your identity and setting up GrabPIN important

Why should I verify my identity?

Did you know that the GrabPay Wallet is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)? As such, we’re required to identify our users. We do this to help keep our payments platform safe from identity theft and money laundering

Required by law

KYC (Know Your Customers) is required by MAS

Protect our platform

KYC helps us fight illicit financial activities

Is my data safe?

Be assured that your documents are secure when you use them to verify your account. Keeping your information safe and secure is always our priority. Grab does not share your personal information with third parties other than as stated in our privacy policy, in accordance with your preferences, and as required by law.

What is GrabPIN and biometrics?

GrabPIN is a 6-digit numeric password that is used to protect your account. You may also enable biometrics authentication like fingerprint or FaceID. 

Setting up GrabPIN and biometrics helps to keep your account secure, so that even if you mobile phone is compromised, your account and funds isn’t.

Tips for a strong GrabPIN

  • Don’t use dates associated with you, like your date of birth, dates of birth of family members or your anniversary.
  • Don’t use 1234 or 1111, or another basic PIN that can be easily guessed.

Your security and privacy is our priority.

Activate GrabPay, a safe way to pay and keep your money.

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