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GrabAds connects advertisers, large and small, with easy-to-use and personalized advertisement solutions with millions of people across Southeast Asia as they eat, shop, and commute every day.

How does GrabAds help your business?

Find Out What Type Of GrabAds Suits Your Business Strategy

Self-Serve Ads via Ad Manager

  • Search Ad
  • Image Ad

Personalized Ads

  • Masthead Ad
  • Homepage Native Banner Ad
  • Search Ad
  • Food or Mart Image Ad
  • In-Transit Ad
  • Rank Booster

Self-serve Ads via Ad Manager

Build, launch, track, and manage ad campaigns on the Grab app using the Ad Manager, and engage with your target audience while staying within your budget.

Search Ads

Turn your business into a Top-of-mind choice for customers who are searching for option.

  • Claim the top result whenever a customer looks for keywords relevant to your business.
  • Stand out to users who are very close to placing their orders on the Grab app.
  • Pay only when customers land on your menu or product page after clicking the ad.
  • Get this ad option to reach as many people while on a limited budget.

Image Ads

Get the attention of Grab app users by posting custom ads on strategic parts of the app.

  • Enjoy prime visibility and maximum engagement with new and existing customers.
  • Quickly launch campaigns by using automatically generated banners just for your ads.
  • Choose to run ads only when your store is open and ready to accept orders.
  • Pay only when customers click on the ad and land on your product list or menu.

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Personalized Ads

Reach out to a wide variety of customers by using strategically placed Personalized Ads on the Grab app, and schedule your ads to be seen by people from different demographics and locations.

Masthead Ad

Position your ad prominently at the top of the Grab app home screen.

  • Immediately direct customers to your store’s menu or product page.
  • Get the attention of the customers as soon as they open the Grab app.

Food or Mart Image Ad

Create customizable ads that you can finetune depending on your target audience.

  • Run your ads during a particular period, such as once your store opens for the day.
  • Increase brand awareness to target demographics while keeping costs down.

In-Transit Ad

Show up whenever customers check on the Grab app’s in-transit pages.

  • Improve brand visibility by posting ads on pages that customers frequently visit.
  • Keep your brand and products in the user’s consideration as they look out for their deliveries.
  • Maximize your chances of upselling by showing your products as users wait for their orders.

Homepage Native Banner Ad

Be seen on the Grab app home page and in-transit pages.

  • Lead your customers directly to your product page or menu.
  • Remain visible to Grab users as they browse the app’s home page.
  • Use this to drive consideration for your brand and lead your target audience to your products.

Search Ad

Place your ads at the top of the search results for relevant keywords.

  • Claim the top of the search results for categories that are related to your products.
  • Make your store visible to customers who know exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Get the business of buyers who have every intention of ordering what you offer.

Rank Booster

Have your ads appear on various Grab app pages and maximize your store’s visibility.

  • Be visible on the Grab app’s home screen, cuisine, category, and search results.
  • Convert customers at the point of intent as they’re looking for a product that you offer.

Tip: Want to avail GrabAds but can’t pay upfront? Check GrabFinance FlexiPay and see how you can pay in installments!

Start your own customized ads with Grab

Reach out to your account handler or contact gf.ph.merchantsupport@grabtaxi.com to start your campaign with us.

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Here Are Some Tips and Recommendations from Us!

It’s practical to run Image Ads and Search Ads at the same time.

This way, your business will remain visible to your customers no matter if they’re still browsing the Grab app for options or if they’ve already decided to order something that your store offers.

Pair your promos with GrabAd placements to maximize their reach and convert as many new and existing app users as possible into repeat customers.

Let your ads run for a few weeks and monitor their performance every few days.

Frequently Ask Questions

You can set your ad campaigns to appear on set schedules or depending on the user’s geolocation. It’s also an option to reach out to new and existing customers, people who are looking for specific types of food or cuisines, and high-value app users using GrabAd campaigns.
Some GrabAds placement spots have a fixed rate, while others can be purchased by participating in the GrabAds Auction. For more information about ad package rates and the bidding process, send a message to gf.ph.merchantsupport@grabtaxi.com.

GrabAds is just one of the many in-app tools you can use to make your business grow on Grab. Check out Promotions, Boosters, and Recommendations to maximize Grab’s suite of tools for merchants.