GrabMerchant Partner Pack

What Are GrabMerchant Partner Packs?

By signing up for a GrabMerchant Partner Pack, you’ll be able to reach more customers, access bigger discounts, and get priority inclusions in Grab-funded promos.

What Are The Different Packs?

Choose from these two different partner packs that are designed to widen the reach of your business:


Sign up for a Premium Pack and access practical perks for your store.

  • 25% delivery service fee
  • Delivery area of up to 6kms
  • Delivery fees start at PHP 39
  • Partial priority inclusion in Grab-funded promos
  • Medium discounts on Grab Marketing Services (GMS) Campaigns


Get the best booster to grow your business and to reach a wider market by signing up for an Elite Pack.

  • 30% delivery service fee
  • Delivery area of up to 8kms
  • Delivery fees start at PHP 34
  • Full priority inclusion in Grab-funded promos
  • High discounts on Grab Marketing Services (GMS) Campaigns
  • A dedicated account handler for questions and concerns

How Can You Choose the Best Pack?

Your choice of GrabMerchant Partner Pack can depend on the following factors:

The size of preferred delivery area.

If you want your business to be prioritized for Grab promos

Your preferred starting rate for delivery fees.

The level of discounts you want to enjoy while using GMS campaigns

Frequently Ask Questions

It’s completely up to you if you want to avail yourself of the optional promos, training modules. and GrabExpress services.

You can change your partner pack selection after 6 months.
These are campaign packages that are designed to improve your store’s visibility, customer engagement, and sales.

You can still use long-distance deliveries if you subscribe toPremium or Elite Partner Packs.

Have you chosen the GrabMerchant Partner Pack for you? Sign-up now!

GrabFinance Quick Cash

What's GrabFinance Quick Cash?

GrabFinance’s Quick Cash provides you with financing assistance based on your Grab earnings. Use this cash advance to fund your operational expenses and further the growth of your business.

Why Choose Quick Cash Vs. Competitors?

Quick Cash is quick, flexible, and personalized.


  • Fash cash advance approval
  • Funding can be released after 7 days


  • Get a specific amount that matches your business needs

Flexible Payment

  • Repayments are deductible from your Grab daily earnings
  • No hidden charges

How Can You Use Quick Cash to Grow Your Business?

Quick Cash is specifically designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses and micro merchant-partners grow their operations. This cash advance can be used to fund the following business expenses:

Advertising and marketing

Upgrading your business equipment

Business emergencies and repairs

Other urgent cash flow needs -- inventory, rent, and salaries

What do other merchants say about GrabFinance Quick Cash?

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Check if you're eligible for a Quick Cash!

You can also apply through your GrabMerchant app. Simply click the ‘Loans’ tile found in the homepage.

Frequently Ask Questions

To qualify for Quick Cash, you need to have been a Grab merchant-partner for at least 6 months. You also have to have good credit standing, and you must minimize order cancellations and avoid suspensions.
You can receive the form through SMS or Viber.

GrabFinance FlexiPay

What’s GrabFinance FlexiPay?

With GrabFinance’s Flexipay, you can advertise now and pay later. Set up your GrabAds campaigns and settle your payments in daily installments.

Why Choose FlexiPay vs. Competitors?

Flexipay offers flexible payment options, features effortless payments, and is personalized for your needs.


  • Take advantage of payment terms of up to 9 months
  • No hidden charges


  • Enjoy a pay later scheme that is suitable for your unique business needs

Effortless Payment

  • Get automatic deductions from your early earnings

How Can You Leverage FlexiPay to Boost Your Business?

Advertise now, pay later to maximize your funds.

Create easy-to-use and customized advertisements that suit your requirements.

Set up and manage ad campaigns without spending upfront.

Take advantage of Grab’s enterprise-class advertising platform to reach more customers.

Advertise now, pay later.

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