Chinese Food Delivery Manila

Chinese Food Delivery Manila

Discover some popular Chinese food stores amongst locals

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The countless Chinese restaurants in Manila, Philippines serve up the best that Chinese cuisine has to offer, so it’s never a problem searching for good Chinese food. Whether you’re in need of a comforting meal or planning a family gathering, GrabFood’s Chinese food delivery service can help save you the fuss and deliver your food right to you.

Oriental delights

The list of Chinese dishes is never-ending and it’s no wonder, given the complexities of Chinese cuisine – with various factors such as culture and location playing a part in shaping the food that we love today. From simple vegetable dishes to more substantial carbohydrates, here are some popular Chinese food options that Filipinos tend to gravitate to during a meal:

Dim Sum: Delectable mini-potions of food that range from steamed dumplings to fried spring rolls, these dainty bites are great with some Chinese tea and are excellent for enjoying with family and friends.

Chinese tonic soups: Known to be highly nourishing, Chinese tonic soups are not only tasty, but they are also coupled with amazing health benefits as well. From curing a common cold to improving one’s complexion, these humble soups are full of hearty goodness!

chinese fried rice food delivery manila

Rice/Noodles: Rice and noodles-based Chinese dishes come in many well-known variations, including fried rice, hor fun and bee hoon, to name a few. There’s just something about these carbohydrates that people can’t resist!

Vegetables: A must-have in every Chinese meal, vegetables such as bok choy and kai lan are stir-fried with garlic or poached with sauces. Do not be fooled by these dishes that seem simple, they are full of flavour, making them mainstays on many dining tables.

Chinese food of the day

There are so many types of Chinese food but they all have the same undeniable great taste. Here are some Chinese restaurants in Manila worth mentioning for their amazing selection of Chinese fare:

Famous Kitchen: Dine from the Chinese restaurant dim sum collection as well as other Chinese delicacies such as BBQ Char Siu, Crispy Roast Pork Belly and Peking Duck.

Hap Chan Tea House: Get your fill of wholesome traditional Chinese-style noodles here. Their menu includes Hong Kong delicacies like dim sum, congee, noodles, rice and even desserts. Popular picks include the Spareribs with Tausi, Bola Bola Congee and Beef Brisket Noodles.

Mr. Choi Kitchen: Tuck into classic Chinese home-style dishes that are perfect for communal dining. Choose from dishes such as the popular Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic Sauce, Scallop Egg Fuyong, Coffee Pork Ribs and Beef Hofan, and revel in the comforting, familiar taste of home.

Your meal is served!

With so many Chinese food options available, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying all of them. GrabFood’s food delivery app is a quick and convenient way for you to order a variety of your favourite Chinese dishes, just in time for that office lunch or family meal.