Baked Treats Delivery Cebu

Baked Treats Delivery Cebu

Who can resist the charm of lovely cakes, pastries and the like?

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The smell of freshly baked confectionery is like no other. Who can resist the charm of lovely cakes, pastries and the like? Simple, convenient and delicious, these goodies are perfect for dessert, a snack or even a light meal. Whether you need to jazz up a celebration, grab a quick bite or give yourself a well-deserved treat (because, why not?), GrabFood’s food delivery service from bakeries in Cebu, Philippines will send these delectable baked delights right to your doorstep!

For the love of carbs

With bakeries found in every corner of any neighbourhood, you can be sure that Filipinos do love their baked goods. From the sweet to the savoury, there’s definitely something for every carb lover to enjoy. Here are some popular choices to give you inspiration for your next bakery run:

Bread: The go-to for many Filipinos, bakeries are coming up with innovative creations, adding interesting ingredients such as mentaiko and matcha to come up with new, complex flavours that taste amazing!
Pastries: Coming in a variety of shapes, flavours and textures, pastries range from buttery croissants to sweet flaky Danishes that leave a satisfying taste in one’s mouth.

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Cakes: Bakeries are upping their game, serving indulgent cakes such as Red Velvet and cheesecakes of various kinds alongside traditional favourites of Black Forest and Tiramisu.

Cupcakes: The ideal treat for sharing with friends and family, this mini cake of sorts comes in a variety of scrumptious flavours that’ll provide sweet relief to the young and old alike!

Tarts: Consisting of a buttery shortcrust base filled with custard and topped with fresh fruit, this baked creation serves as the perfect accompaniment to your cup of coffee.

Baked to perfection

Have an urge to hit up the nearest bakery? Take your pick from the finest bakeries in Cebu offering the most exquisite goodies to satisfy the sweet (or savoury) tooth in you:

Bloom Cakes & Coffee: Rich, decadent cupcakes are the star of the show! Indulge in a selection of sinfully delightful creations, from the timeless cheesecake to the oh-so-sweet vanilla raspberry.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee: Have your fill of uniquely flavoured doughnuts! Choose from different flavours such as the popular chocolate (Black Jack) or oreo and cheesecakes (Cheese Cakelicious). Top it off with an Iced Hazelnut Latte for the perfect afternoon indulgence.

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Julie’s Bakeshop: This neighbourhood bakeshop chain bakes delicious and affordable pieces of bread for about 4 decades. Serving classic loaves of bread, sweet pastries, flavourful buns and savoury cakes in a variety of traditional and novel flavours (Binangkal, anyone?), treat yourself to this amazing array of confectionery that’s sure to hit you with a wave of nostalgia.

Sweet moments with GrabFood

Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up or the perfect opportunity to bond with friends and family, let GrabFood’s food delivery app play a part in helping you create wonderful memories of your sweet love affair with delicious baked treats.