GrabPay isn't just for rides, food, and that cute shop down the road.

Now you can use Grab to pay for all your shopping online!

Reward points, anyone?

The more places you shop with Grab, the more points you’ll earn! Earn GrabRewards points every time you pay with GrabPay online.

Track that sneaky budget.

It’s hard to contain yourself when you see all those great deals during sale season. If you paid with GrabPay, you’ll only get to spend what’s in your GrabPay Wallet. And you can track your spending easily from your Grab app.

24/7 fraud protection.

No need to save your card details on websites. Pay securely at checkout with our 2-step verification, using just your phone number and one-time password.

Snap it quick in just 2 clicks.

Don’t lose that last pair of jeans in your size. With GrabPay, seamlessly pay at check out in just 2 clicks.

No need to save your card details on websites.

All you’ll need is your phone number to pay securely with our 2-step verification and a one-time password.

Hundreds of sites to shop from, including: