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Introducing GrabPay Credits.

For the most seamless Grab ride experience, you have to go cashless. The ease of not having to search for an ATM or handle spare change is truly liberating.

But what if you don’t have a debit or credit card?

No worries. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless without one. Just sign up for our NEW payment system, GrabPay Credits.

What is GrabPay Credits?

It’s just like a prepaid mobile plan, but for booking Grab rides instead. GrabPay Credits is easy, safe, and affordable.

On top of allowing you to ride cashless with Grab, GrabPay Credits also allows you to use promo code discounts that are exclusive to GrabPay — and will soon be offering more benefits to make it a truly rewarding way to travel.

Sounds great. How do I use GrabPay Credits?

Open the Grab app, select your preferred load up method, and follow the pop-up instructions on-screen.

Below is the list of included banks and partners, what transactions fees (if any) they charge, how long it takes for credits to appear in your account, as well as step-by-step guides on how to load up with your preferred method!

Load up GrabPay Credits via Online Banking:

BDO Internet Banking ₱ 0.00
BPI Express Online (Bills Payment) ₱ 5.00
BPI Express Online / Mobile (Fund Transfer) ₱ 2.00
Chinabank Online ₱ 0.00
Dragonpay Prepaid Credits ₱ 0.00
Landbank ATM Online ₱ 10.00
Metrobankdirect ₱ 0.00
RCBC AccessOne ₱ 5.00
UCPB Connect ₱ 0.00
Unionbank Internet Banking ₱ 0.00

Load up GrabPay Credits over-the-counter at your bank branch:

BDO Cash Deposit w/ Ref ₱ 25.00
BPI Bills Payment ₱ 50.00
Banco de Oro ATM ₱ 0.00
Landbank Cash Payment ₱ 50.00
Metrobank Cash / Check Payment ₱ 0.00
PNB ATM ₱ 0.00
PNB Cash Payment ₱ 25.00
PNB e-Banking Bills Payment ₱ 0.00
RCBC ATM / Cash / Check Payment ₱ 0.00
RCBC Savings Cash Payment ₱ 25.00
Security Bank ATM Bills Payment ₱ 0.00

Load up GrabPay Credits in-store at a partner establishment:

Bayad Center ₱ 0.00
Cebuana Lhuillier Bills Payment ₱ 0.00
ECPay (Pawnshops, Payment Centers) ₱ 0.00
LBC ₱ 0.00
M. Lhuillier ₱ 20.00
Robinsons Dept Store ₱ 0.00
RuralNet Banks and Coops ₱ 0.00
SM Dept / Supermarket / Savemore Counter ₱ 0.00

After loading up, how long will it take for GrabPay Credits to appear in my Grab account?

  • Topping up GrabPay Credits via online banking, an ATM or over-the-counter (whether at your bank branch or at a partner store) may take 24 – 48 hours to process.
  • Bank transactions follow banking days (e.g. topping up on a Friday means the processing time will begin the following Monday) and hours (e.g. topping up after bank cut-off time means the processing time begins the following banking day), so be sure to top-up in advance!


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