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Load GrabPay Credits through your Driver!

GrabPay Credits lets you enjoy all the perks of going cashless without using a credit card. No need to worry about having cash or dig around for the exact change when you ride with Grab. Just book with GrabPay Credits, enjoy your ride, and go on with your day. Plus, you get 2x GrabRewards points for each ride!

Now, reloading GrabPay Credits is easier than ever. No time to go to the bank or bayad center? You can get credits any time you’re on a Grab ride! No processing time or extra charges. Just go on your ride, load with your Grab driver, and use your credits for your next booking.

How it Works:

As of January 2018, this feature is available for GrabCar rides in Cebu and Manila only.


How much do I need to pay the driver?
If you booked for your ride in cash, please pay the driver the full load amount and the fare amount in cash.
If you booked for your ride using GrabPay, pay for load amount in cash. Your fare will be charged separately.

Can I use my GrabPay Credits to pay for my current ride?
No, you will need to pay your current driver for the fare amount

Can I load with Grab drivers if I’m not on a ride?
No, you can only load via driver if your ride is In Transit

Why don’t I see any “Top Up with Driver” notification on my app?
This means that your driver is currently not qualified to load GrabPay Credits. Check again on your next rides.

How much can I load?
You can load a minimum of P200 and maximum of P7,000

Can I pay for load with my credit/debit card?
No, you can only pay in cash, which you will give to the driver.

Can my driver start the load process?
Only passengers can start or cancel a load transaction.

Can I load during a GrabTaxi ride?
This feature is currently only available for GrabCar.