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Ride-sharing has become an important part of every Filipino’s daily commute. Passengers have come to rely on ride-sharing as one of their primary modes of transportation in Metro Manila. Some driver-partners have even shifted careers to support their families by driving full time.

We know that we play an important role in bringing you closer to the things that matter to you. Recently, major changes in the industry have greatly affected your ride experience with us. We apologize for what should be a convenient commuting experience for you.

You Deserve Better.

We hear you. We see your complaints and reports on long waiting times, difficulty in booking rides, driver cancellations, and poor driver behavior, among others.

We know we have fallen short in providing you the excellent ride-sharing service that you deserve.

We know you deserve better, and we want to be better.

Today, we bring you Better Trips: A 100-day Plan to Improve Everyone’s Journey.
We have lined up new programs and features that will further improve passenger experience and driver welfare.

Here are things you can look forward to in the next 100 days:

Improved Driver Behavior

Better Ride Experience

Upgraded Customer Support

Driver Welfare Program


We want our driver-partners to continue being agents of better journeys. 

Enhanced Driver Performance Standards

Coming from an earlier promise to crack down on driver cancellations, Grab this time around will offer enhanced incentives to reward top-performing drivers (those with the most number of rides, high ratings, and good passenger feedback).

Driver Code of Conduct

As partners of Grab, drivers share our mission to improve everyone’s
journey by protecting and maintaining the quality of service. The updated Code of Conduct will stipulate the tasks and traits of a responsible Grab driver-partner.

Grab Driver Academy

Learning never stops. We will expand our Grab Driver Academy to continuously educate drivers and equip them with helpful information and tips. This will feature a series of modules on road courtesy, customer service, data privacy and social media handling, on top of the usual driver on-boarding and rehabilitation training.


We want to go beyond just bringing you from point A to point B. We care about everyone’s journey so we have prepared new app features to further enhance your ride experience.

New Passenger Booking Flow

The passengers can expect a cleaner, more intuitive new app interface for iOS and Android by July. With the new home screen, pick-up points can be easily set, and passengers can quickly select their preferred service. Rewards will also be categorized, making way for easier selection and redemption of offers.

Emergency Feature

Safety has always been and will always be a main priority. With the new emergency feature, a passenger can automatically call 911 using the app. You can also set 3 emergency contacts and the app will send SMS alerts for you.

Passenger Code of Conduct

Just like our driver-partners, our passengers also agree to be responsible members of the ride-sharing community by maintaining respect, and proper decorum while riding Grab. Passengers also play an important role in promoting a balanced TNVS ecosystem.

Improved POI Mapping

Accurate pick-up and drop off points improve ride experience. Did you know that you can help us map Manila by reporting wrong pins using Grab’s Help Center section? Just go to Help Center: Report Past Trip Issue: Report a map or location issue.


We know how important every ride is and we want you to be able to reach us quickly.

Expansion of Customer Service Team

We commit to reduce average response time to 6 hours. Grab will scale up its customer service team by partnering with an external service provider.

Dedicated Support Line for Passengers, Drivers, and Platinum Users

Dedicated service lines for passengers, drivers and platinum users will also allow easier access to after-ride services.


Our partners are important to us. Grab will continue to empower driver-partners through services that improve their welfare. 

Driver Rewards Program

Just like passengers, drivers can enjoy their own performance-based rewards program. Drivers can be qualified for perks such as discounts on gas and preventive maintenance.  

New App Features

We will be rolling out new driver app features to promote driver efficiency and address key concerns of drivers on the road. Stay tuned. 




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