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Grab Myanmar Launches New Initiatives Under Better 365 Scheme to Improve the Lives of its Driver- Partners

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading online-to-offline (O2O) mobile platform, has introduced the “Better 365” scheme as part of the company’s commitment to improve the lives and well-being of its driver-partners. Better 365 recognises Grab’s driver-partners for their hard work and contributions to provide safe, convenient and high-quality services to passengers every day.

More than 1,000 Grab driver-partners attended Grab’s event to introduce the Better 365 scheme. The event was held at Gandamar Grand Ballroom in Gandamar Whole Sale Shopping Mall on 23 June 2018.

Yangon, Myanmar, 26 June 2018 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading online-to-offline (O2O) mobile platform, has introduced the “Better 365” scheme as part of the company’s commitment to improve the lives and well-being of its driver-partners. Better 365 recognises Grab’s driver-partners for their hard work and contributions to provide safe, convenient and high-quality services to passengers every day. With Better 365, Grab’s driver-partners will  enjoy a series of benefits, 365 days a year according to three categories: a Platinum Driver Programme for top driver-partners, an in-app GrabBenefits programme for all driver-partners, and a Weekly Incentives programme for good performance.

Grab Platinum Driver Programme

Grab has designed an exclusive Grab Platinum Driver programme to reward its top performing driver-partners each month. Driver-partners who continuously achieve certain criteria such as monthly ride targets will be automatically enrolled into the Grab Platinum Driver Programme. These drivers will receive privileges such as cashback, selected vouchers and direct access to Grab’s Customer Experience hotline to receive quick assistance from the Grab team. The Grab Platinum Driver Programme is offered on top of the GrabBenefits and Weekly Incentives programmes.

Similar to the GrabRewards loyalty programme launched for passengers a few weeks ago, Grab is now launching a similar programme for driver-partners, named GrabBenefits. Through GrabBenefits, driver-partners will be able to enjoy discounts and special rates for daily purchases and services. This is an ongoing rewards programme open to all driver-partners. The variety of deals cover food & beverage, car servicing, mobile repairs, travel and tour packages, health care services, hotel stays and educational services.

From 2 July 2018, Grab driver-partners can access GrabBenefits in the Driver app menu to browse through the list of benefits available to them. Driver-partners will be able to tap on each benefit to find out where and how to redeem it as well as the terms and conditions.

In addition, Grab will offer cash bursaries to GrabTaxi driver-partners who have immediate family members with excellent academic results for the matriculation exams in the 2017/2018 academic year. Grab will award up to 50 cash bursaries ranging from MMK 50,000 to MMK 100,000 each, depending on  the number of distinctions achieved by the family member of the GrabTaxi driver-partner. A minimum of 3 distinctions is required for Grab to consider awarding the bursary. All GrabTaxi driver-partners who have been actively driving with Grab can apply for the bursaries starting from 2 July at the Grab Myanmar office.

Weekly Incentives

Grab will continue to provide weekly incentives to driver-partners according to performance. In addition to the ongoing weekly incentives, Grab is launching a new program called On-the-spot Bonuses. On-the-spot Bonuses was created in consideration of feedback from driver-partners to aid driver-partners for instances when they have to drive longer than 10 minutes to pick up a passenger. Driver-partners will receive MMK 80 per minute of additional travelling time, which will be estimated through GPS navigation technology. These incentives and bonuses will be credited directly into the driver-partner’s Grab Wallet which can be accessed in the Driver app.

“We are thrilled to launch our Better 365 scheme to provide additional support to our driver-partners on top of the better earnings they receive when they drive with Grab. The scheme was developed in consultation with our driver-partners who shared their day-to-day challenges with us. We encourage driver-partners to continue submitting their feedback and suggestions, so that we can continue to build the most partner-friendly app platform for them”, said Alvin Loh, Acting Country Manager of Grab Myanmar.

“Just over a year ago, I started driving with Grab and it made a big difference to my life. I never imagined using a mobile app to get more passenger bookings and to earn more income for my family. Now, I am looking forward to using the Grab Driver app to enjoy GrabBenefits rewards. I am most appreciative that GrabRewards includes healthcare support which is very important for us drivers who spend most of our time driving without holidays. I am also happy to know that Grab will offer education bursaries to family members of Grab drivers. Grab is showing its recognition and appreciation of our hard work and this motivates me to continue offering the best service to passengers”, said Ko Htin Lin Oo, a three-time award winner for achieving the highest number of monthly rides with Grab during the past year.

In addition to the Better 365 scheme, Grab will continue working with the driver community in Yangon to improve their lives with increased passenger bookings and income as well as to offer training sessions so they can improve service standards. Current and new benefits to be launched soon include:

  • Free visual screenings and low-cost eyewear
  • Compensation  for drivers in the event of an unfortunate accident, according to Grab’s regional insurance coverage policy
  • In-app credit wallet top ups that allow driver-partners to top up their credit wallet without physically coming down to Grab’s branch office
  • In-app driver-partner weekly statements
  • Micro-financing programmes for new Samsung devices
  • Vehicle leasing and financing of vehicle purchase through our partnership with Yoma Strategic Holdings
  • A new in-app Cancellation button that will not affect drivers’ cancellation rates if passengers do not show up after a five-minute wait time

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