Business Transport

Business Transport

Manage on-demand business transport with the largest fleet across Southeast Asia

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Implement your company policies, add your employees to your Grab for Business account, and give them a seamless way to take expenseless rides with Grab.

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Unlock a hassle-free experience for employees

Your employees can request for safe and secure rides across eight different countries in Asia with their own Grab app.

Manage spending across transport options and employee groups

With the largest fleet and a variety of transport services across 8 countries and more than 190 cities, you can set controls on how your employees travel - day through night, economy to premium.

Go the extra mile with clients and guests

Management of rides extends to clients and guests too. Provide them with comfortable and secure rides, from anywhere and at any time. It's easy to show that you care.

Our transport services are made for business needs

Business Meetings

Access a business ride whenever, be on time for meetings.

Premium Experience

Arrange premium vehicles for your guests and executives. Deliver a luxurious experience.

Airport Transfers

Hassle-free airport transportation. Book Grab rides to and from all major airports across the region.

Daily Commute

Enjoy a safe and secure business ride at any time of the day and night across hundreds of cities in Southeast Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grab for Business is our business transport solution that helps companies better manage their transport budget and keep track of employees’ Grab business trips. It allows business to manage their employees, track transport expenses, manage trip policies and billing options.

Send an email to our sales team to sign up for an account in your country.

You’ll then receive an email from us which guides you to create a Corporate Administrator password. After the password is created, you can log in and set up your account to start using Grab for Business.

Please use a supported web browser: Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for this process.

After you’ve added your employees into your corporate account, they will receive an invitation email to join.

The email will include steps to sync their Grab mobile app to your corporate account.

Once this process is completed, they’ll see new tag options so they can tag their trips accordingly.

If enabled, they can also see the additional payment methods available to pay for their Grab business trips.

We provide a variety of billing options for you to determine how your employees pay for their Grab business trips.

You can choose from:

1. Reimbursement – This allows employees to use their personal payment methods or individual corporate cards. You can validate their rides from their trip statements.
2. Corporate Billing Account – This allows employees to charge their trips to the corporate account directly.
3. Corporate Credit Card – This allows employees to charge to a centralised company credit card directly.

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