To our Grab Myanmar Partners and Customers

The last two weeks have been a difficult time for all of us.

Disruptions in internet connectivity, public transportation, and uncertainty over the on-ground situation have made it hard for you to complete essential tasks. It has also put the livelihoods of the communities we serve at risk. Many of our driver and delivery-partners could not earn an income.

We wish to do our part to support the community during this time. So, starting from 16 February to 28 February: 

–         We will not be collecting any commission from our drivers and restaurant partners. This means 100% of the amount you pay for your ride or food order goes to our drivers and restaurant partners.

–         For GrabFood bikers, we will top up an additional 50% in earnings for every completed delivery.

We hope these initiatives will help our partners through these trying times. We remain committed to supporting Myanmar in creating income opportunities for our partners, and ensuring our platform provides safe, convenient and reliable services for you.

Stay safe, Myanmar.