Grab Myanmar ‌and WizAct 24 Myanmar Collaboration Announcement

Grab Myanmar has partnered with WizAct 24 Myanmar to provide safer rides on GrabProtect vehicles. 

Starting on the 28th of March, Grab will distribute two 450ml bottles of WizAct 24  Disinfecting Spray & Clean, free of charge, each to 1,000 GrabProtect driver-partners.  The surface disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and offers up to 24  hours protection on sprayed on surfaces. GrabProtect driver-partners will also be  guided on the frequently touched surfaces in their taxis that require disinfecting,  including the steering wheel, gear shifts, door handles, seat belt buckles and window  controllers. 

Stay vigilant with GrabProtect for your daily commute.