Our largest pool of online taxi fleets in Vietnam that give you the freedom to travel from almost anywhere, at anytime.

Why GrabTaxi?

Less Wait Time

Get a taxi catering for you with just 2 touches.

More Taxis

For a wide coverage from urban to suburban areas, 4 to 7-seaters, we have taxi for all your need!

Know the Fares

Know the cost estimation and direction before you get the taxi so you can plan time and budget ahead.


Get to know your driver, ride safe and arrive safe with “share my ride" function.

How To Use GrabTaxi

Choose GrabTaxi icon in Grab app

Download Grab

Scan QR Code


Our service operates 24 hours a day throughout the week, but subject to availability of taxis at the moment of booking.

As long as you have either a Google Android (4.0.3 or above) or Apple iOS (8.0 or above) smartphone or tablet, then you’re good to go!

Currently, the future booking feature is no longer applicable for GrabTaxi.

When you use Grab’s service, your taxi fare is based on the taxi’s calculation system. The fare on the app is merely an approximate measurement of how much you would pay.