[Grab] Welcome onboard as a GrabMart Merchant

Dear GrabMerchant Partner,

Pleased to announce that you have completed all the steps to become a GrabMart Merchant on Grab Platform.

Your store information is being uploaded on the Grab system by our Operation Team. After that, Grab will send another notification to you after the store is activated and eligible to operate on GrabMart.

Please note: do not change the store name and address within 60 (sixty) days from the day the store is activated on the Grab system. Grab reserves the right to refuse and/or not support your request about this information within the above time.

Please follow the instructions below to prepare for the process of becoming a GrabMart Merchant:

Step 1:

Download the GrabMerchant app on Google Play/ Play Store or

Download the GrabMerchant app on App Store

*Note: Please use a device with Android OS 6.0 or above or IOS 12.0 or above.

Step 2:

Please check your email abc@gmail.com to get login credentials from Grab:

– Username (email address registered with Grab)

– Temporary password (valid within 15 days & 5 days/ time)

Step 3:

Access to the GrabMerchant app then input login credentials in step 2. After login, set your own password and save it for the next login

Step 4:

For smooth and effective operation as well as stable business growth with Grab, we would like to invite you and your employees to attend Online Courses via “GrabAcademy” with topic “”Basic training course for New Merchant” within 30 days. Failure to complete training courses may result in account suspension until completion (please skip this course if it has been completed).

Step 5:

Join page Cộng đồng Đối tác Thương nhân GrabMart (Trang chính thức) via link https://www.facebook.com/groups/hotrograbmart in order to get account activated and be informed about News, New Features, Tips for Effective Operation or Sharing from Other Merchants.

When becoming a GrabMart Merchant, please note the following terms:

1. Regularly check your email and inbox app or access Merchant Blog via link https://www.grab.com/vn/merchant-blog/ to receive the full information from Grab.

2. Download the GrabMerchant guideline via link https://grb.to/bikipgrabmart and stick at your store to ensure your employees understand the basic operations.

3.  In addition to service and activation fees in accordance with Agreement, Grab does not collect any additional fees when registering as a GrabMart Merchant and/or while active on Grab platform, unless Grab has further notice.

For further information, please visit link http://grb.to/cuahanggrabmart5sao or contact Grab via Help Center on GrabMerchant App or contact the link https://grb.to/hotrodoitaccuahang.

Wishing you a great journey with Grab!

Best regards

Grab Viet Nam