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Wrap the outside of your vehicle with an ad


Install a static display that hangs from your headrest


Install a sample kit that hangs from your headrest or join our retail sampling program


Install a tablet which shows ads on your headrest


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The campaign could be for an on-car wrap, in-car hanger and/or digital display.

  • When an advertising opportunity arises, Grab will send out a campaign alert to registered drivers.
  • Drivers who are interested in the campaigns will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis to install the advertisements in and/or on the vehicle. The session will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • At the end of a campaign, drivers will be scheduled for an appointment to remove the advertisements and paid the agreed amount into their cash wallets.

Typically you will be able to earn between 600,000₫ – 1,200,000₫ per month, depending on the campaign.

The duration of an advertising campaign depends on the advertiser. It can range between 1 to 6 months long.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permission to place advertisements on a rented car AND that your rental contract covers the duration of the advertising campaign.

Note: Cars from Ace Limo, Advance Limo, Alliance Leasing, Allswell Leasing & Limousine, Blaze Motoring, Blue Star Concierge, Blue Star Limo, EHB Limousine, Favor Drive Car Rental, Favoride, Glissade, Glissade Leasing, GrabRentals, HYMS, iDrive, Kinetic Alliance, Limo 88, M Limo, M&M Limousine, One2Rent Cars, Platinum Leasing, Platinum Rentals, Reliable Rides, SJ Motor Enterprise, SLC Leasing, Southern Limo and Twincar have been pre-approved to participate in advertising campaigns.

The advertisements are printed on quality removable vinyl decals/stickers that are designed to be used on cars without any residue or damage. There is a risk of paint damage to cars that are not well maintained or have been repainted.

The workshop shall only be liable for any paint damages if these two following conditions apply:

  • The car is with original factory paint
  • The car’s paint surface has no existing damage such as but not limited to scratches, dents, worn lacquer or top-coat, thinning of paint layer due to weathering

The driver is responsible to report the damages and may need to pay to replace the advertisement material (cost to be stated during installation).

At the end of the ad campaign, Grab will schedule you to bring the car back to the workshop to remove the decal/sticker (for free).

Thank you for registering. Please be patient as the workshop will take a few days to a week to contact you to schedule for an appointment.

If you haven’t been contacted after 2 weeks, the campaign you have signed up for might be fully subscribed and you will be kept on the waiting list. If you would like clarify your situation, please email us at advertising.vn@grab.com

We work with a few workshops. You will be notified of the workshop when a campaign has been allocated to you.

You will be paid via cash wallet after you have successfully completed the campaign.

Email us at advertising.vn@grab.com
You can also sign up to receive campaign alerts through this link: grb.to/adregister.