How long will GrabRewards points expire?


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Your GrabRewards points will be valid for 3 months from the month of your last cashless transaction on the Grab app. Cashless transaction defines as payment via credit/debit cards or Moca e-Wallet.

That means, as long as you make 1 point-earning Grab transaction within the next 3 months of your last transaction, your points will continue to accumulate.

So, how to check the validity of your points? Which kinds of cashless transactions allow you to earn points? What are the benefits of GrabRewards points?

For example:

  • You make a Grab transaction on the 5th of July 2022
  • You will need to make one more transaction within the next 3 months from Aug 1 – Oct 31
  • If no transaction was made between Aug 1 – Oct 31, all points will expire at the end of the 3rd month, which is Oct 31.

How to check your points validity? What kind of cashless transactions allow you to earn GrabRewards points? What benefits do I get as a GrabRewards member?

3  tips on how to maximize your GrabRewards points usage!

Tip 1 – Check the validity of your GrabRewards points on the Grab app.


Open Grab app and select "Account" section on the main screen


Select your current tier, under MY ACCOUNT section for more detail


Check the expiry date of your points

Tip 2 – Don’t forget to make at least one Grab cashless transaction before your GrabRewards points expiry date!





Paid online and offline via Moca e-Wallet on Grab app

Prepaid mobile top up via Moca e-Wallet on Grab app

Paid bill via Moca e-Wallet on Grab app

Notice: Cash transactions will no longer be awarded GrabRewards points.

Check the earning GrabRewards points Multiplier for each services here.

Tip 3 – Don’t let your points go wasted!

Using your GrabRewards points to redeem your favourite vouchers on GrabRewards or donate for meaningful projects in Grab for Good on Rewards section..

Donate with “Grab for Good” click here.

Redeem vouchers on Rewards section click here.

Redeem Grab vouchers for next transactions click here.

Redeem voucher for mobile/ data top up click here

Ngoài ra GrabRewards vẫn còn các chương trình ưu đãi hấp dẫn khác chỉ từ 1 điểm đang đợi bạn khám phá.

What are the most important tips to remember?

👉 Make transactions on Grab app via cards/Moca e-Wallet to earn more GrabRewards points and redeem more discounted vouchers from the GrabRewards catalog!