Promotion Period: 27 Jun – 27 Sep 2016

Promo Value: Get 50.000VND off per ride on first two consecutive GrabPay rides

Promo Usage: Applicable new MasterCard Grab users – First time using the GrabPay feature on Grab App and first time adding MasterCard payment. Non-valid if you already used GrabPay with different card payment before.

Promo Pick-Up/Drop-Off Area: Only for GrabPay bookings, subject to availability

Here’s How to get Your 50.000VND Discount On your GrabPay Ride:

Step 1: Download the Grab app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Select the Menu button before selecting Payment Methods.

Step 3: Tap on +Add on Add New Credit/Debit Card. Fill in your MasterCard credit/debit card details and select Finish!

Step 4: Upon booking, select the card option before confirming your request.

*Note: MasterCard debit cardholders are required to call their respective Bank’s Contact Centre to increase online security experience. This is a once-off exercise (to opt in) for all online (i.e. Grab transactions) & recurring transactions (auto-debit). Terms apply.

Step 5: A fixed fare is shown upon booking request – no surprise charges!

Step 6: You will see an in-app notification at the end of your ride that notifies you of the charges made on your card.

Promotion Conditions:

  • This promotion is only valid for payment through GrabPay. All bookings must be made via the Grab App.
  • This promotion is only valid if you don’t key in any promo code to these 2 rides.
  • Only applicable for GrabCar, GrabCar 7 seats and GrabBike, both new and current passengers.
  • Applicable for first time using GrabPay. If you used different cards before then this promotion is invalid.
  • Applicable for 2 first consecutive allocated rides with MasterCard.
  • Each user is entitled to 2 *Free Rides* of up to 50.000VND per ride during the campaign period. If the fare is less than 50.000VND, there will be no reimbursement of the fare difference. If the fare is more than 50.000đ, the additional fare amount will be charged to the MC card registered in the Grab app.
  • A cancelled booking (either by passenger or driver) won’t be counted as promo usage.
  • The promotion discount is only successfully redeemed once a relevant in-app notification is received (after successfully being allocated a car by the system).
  • Eligible for Credit Card & International Debit Card
  • The *Free Rides* redemption is capped at 30,000 unique rides throughout the campaign period.
  • No promo code needed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which credit and debit cards are accepted?
– Visa and MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards.
– Upon adding new card to GrabPay, your account will be charged 1.000VND and will be refunded by banks within 7 business days.

2. Can I register multiple credit cards?
– Yes

3. How does the promo work?
The fare gets automatically deducted and will be reflected after the ride.

4. Can I make partial payments on GrabPay trips with cash and vice versa?
– Partial payments are not possible for both cash and GrabPay transactions.

5. Does this promo also apply for Cash transactions?
– Nope, only for debit and credit card, GrabPay transactions.

6. How do I register for GrabPay?
– You can register in the Grab app under the GrabPay section.

7. What is the promo code to be used?
– No promo code needed. Discount will be automatically deducted from your bill.

8. Does it have to be consecutive rides? Can I choose which of my trips to use this promo?
– Nope, it has to be first 2 consecutive trips with the GrabPay transactions.

9. Why doesn’t the promo work even if I used GrabPay?
– Kindly make sure that your debit/credit card is MasterCard and this is your first time using

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