Đặt đơn nhóm

Don’t worry, it’s just lunch, not for life! So yes, even if you have to ask that colleague you don’t really like to join your Group Order (or the one you’ve never even spoken to?), do it for the savings. Because the bigger the group, the bigger the discount—up to 15% off the bill for everyone!


Here’s how you and your lunch gang can save with Group Order:

<GIF showing where to tap GO icon, and tier promo bar progressing. See next slide>

  1. Tap on this button at the top 
  2. Invite your colleagues
  3. When more people join, the discount gets bigger


So the next time someone in the office asks, “What’s for lunch?”, you know what to do 😉 Remember, you just need 6 people (besties, frenemies, acquaintances, people in the same building, whatever) to get 15% off…shouldn’t be that hard, right? We hope.