GrabMerchant Device Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Policy

a.  GrabMerchant Devices that have upfront and installment payment terms by a Merchant from Grab (“Device”) shall have a 6-months warranty period, which shall be reckoned from the Merchant’s receipt of the Device (“Warranty Period”). The defects and damages covered by the warranty (“Warranty Coverage”) are indicated in Section 2 of this document. Warranty claims should be filed through Grab’s Help Center.

b.  Within 24 hours from the Merchant’s receipt of the Device, the Merchant shall inspect the Device & Accessories for any defects or damages. Merchant will be issued a replacement if there are proven defects or damages in the device & accessories and should be able to file a request via this link within 24 hours from receipt of the device. For Accessories such as chargers & batteries, Merchants may only request a replacement if made within 24hrs from receipt in view of the nature of the items as consumables. In any request for replacement, Merchant shall ensure the return of the whole package, which shall include the GrabMerchant Device, Accessories, and the box. 

c.  Upon Grab’s receipt of Merchant’s request, the internal device team shall conduct a diagnostic assessment to determine the merits of the claim. The claim shall be decided based on the  following rules: 

Within Warranty Period + Regardless of defect or damages +  Claim filed within 24 hours from receipt of the Device Grab shall issue replacement device & accessories to Merchant free of cost within 1 to 5 business days from conclusion of the diagnostic assessment. However, for accessories, only the charger and battery are subject to replacement  . 
Within Warranty Period + Claim filed beyond 24 hours from receipt of the Device

Within Warranty Coverage = replacement

Outside Warranty Coverage = Merchant shall bear the cost of replacement or repair

Within Warranty Period but outside Warranty Coverage Merchant shall bear the cost of replacement or repair
Outside Warranty Period + Outside Warranty Coverage Merchant shall bear the cost of replacement or repair

1.  Warranty Coverage

Defects covered by warranty (6 months) Defects that are not covered
Unable to read sim card Defective/loose charging pin
Unable to detect wireless connection (WiFi) Broken LCD screen, broken cover
Device shows attacked status Faded screen and damaged device due to unforeseen event (flood, fire, fell from a high place, soaked on water)
Unable to print receipt Bloated battery / Battery replacements issue
Unable to turn on device Overcharged/Overheating
Device has no sound notifications Missing parts on the device
Faded printed receipt Black lines on the screen
Device software re-formatting Virus / Performance issues caused by external software downloading

For the avoidance of doubt, any defect wilfully or negligently caused by Merchant’s acts shall be excluded from the Warranty Coverage.

2.  Procedure where the defects are outside Warranty Coverage

a.  Upon diagnostic assessment of GRAB on the GrabMerchant Device, GRAB will turn over findings through email (cc-ed the MERCHANT) to the Vendor for quotation of repairs and labor costs. 

b.  The Vendor quotation will be addressed to the MERCHANT directly. Such repair transactions will only be between Vendor and MERCHANT without involvement of GRAB. MERCHANT  shall also cover any costs associated with the return and delivery of the GrabMerchant Device.