Code of Conduct: GrabFood Merchant

The Code of Conduct (“Code”) is a set of guidelines and standards that GrabTaxi Holdings Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries (“Grab”, “We”) hold our independent merchant-partners (“Merchants”, “You”) accountable to as part of our Grab community. Abiding by the Code ensures that we protect our users and systems and that together we deliver the best experience to our customers.

Comply with Laws and Regulations

Your government and local regulatory authorities require you to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, food, labour, health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. 

As a Grab merchant-partner, we require you to hold valid licenses to operate and other permits as may be required by the relevant authorities. We ask you to update and/or resubmit documents when registered documents are expired or revoked. Grab reserves the right to request for updated information as and when required and to redress the matter if you fail or refuse to do so. 

Activities of a criminal nature, including but not limited to the selling of illegal, prohibited or controlled goods, fraud, assault, harassment or abuse of any kind, will not be tolerated. We will work closely with law enforcement agencies when called to do so to investigate the matter.

Violations of the Code

As an everyday app that serves our user’s daily needs, ensuring safety and security to our customers and partners in every experience is our top priority. 

Grab takes violations of the Code seriously. Grab has thresholds relating to quality issues to maintain the high standards of our platform. Failing to meet these thresholds may lead to suspension or termination of user access to the Grab platform. Grab may, but is under no obligation to, notify you before terminating your use of the Grab application and services. 

We encourage Merchant-partners to notify Grab immediately of any breach of applicable laws and regulations that may affect their ability to provide services. 

If you suspect fraudulent activities involving other merchants or driver-partners, customers or corporate partners, you may submit this information via our FairPlay Rewards Program.

Practise Integrity and Kindness

Trust is the foundation of a true partnership. Honesty and benevolence help gain that trust of our fellow partners and customers. Therefore, we treat each other with kindness and to not unfairly exploit the weaknesses of the other party in the relationship. We urge Merchant-partners to treat each other, our driver-partners, customers and Grab employees with respect and dignity. 

We ask Merchants to act in good faith, by not cheating or defrauding Grab or its customers by any method. For example, avoid collecting cash for cashless orders or sharing or creating duplicate accounts. Also, avoid colluding with consumers or delivery partners to make fake orders, transactions, and activities for unfair gains. 

Grab requests Merchants only to use official Grab applications downloaded from the Google Play or Apple store. We ask you to not use any apps or devices with the potential of modifying Grab’s intended user-experience. These include rooted and jailbroken devices and exposed frameworks. We encourage you to provide truthful information when creating and accessing your account. 

Merchants are strongly encouraged not to harass customers to make changes to their order or coerce them to cancel. Merchants contacting delivery partners or consumers outside of the Grab Merchant App for unwarranted purposes is strictly prohibited and considered a form of harassment and breach of personal privacy. Along with this, merchant-partners are requested not to solicit or poach customers to order outside of the Grab Merchant App. 

Decrease Your Cancellation Rate

Merchant-partners can keep store and restaurant information, such as working hours, prices, photos and locations, updated via the Grab Merchant App. We strongly recommend that you use appropriate and truthful photos of the items you sell, as opposed to using watermarked images, images not belonging to you, or none at all.

You are encouraged to use the “Merchant Edit Order” tool to update orders and advise customers on replacement items if products are out of stock or if you cannot fulfil an order, either partially or wholly.

Adjusting your operational hours can help increase your acceptance rate and decrease your cancellation rate. You may use the “go offline” function in case of emergency or if you are closing for the holidays. Merchants can also change your status to “temp pause” if you are receiving more orders than you can handle. Please mark items as unavailable if you run out of ingredients.

Maintain Safe and Hygienic Working Practices

Our customers expect the food they eat or products they order to be safe and suitable for consumption. The majority of safety issues attributed by merchants involve food degradation, contamination, undercooked food or customers finding a foreign object in their order. Foodborne illnesses or injury are undesirable and, at worst, can be fatal. Food spoilage is careless, costly for your business and negatively impacts the customer’s experience.

Merchant-partners are responsible for ensuring they and their employees maintain safe and hygienic working practices. Safe practices are vital, such as frequent handwashing with soap and water, daily sanitizing of surfaces and use of protective gear (e.g. masks, gloves, apron, hairnet). We also recommend conducting regular safety training, inspecting food standards and separating products when storing, preparing or serving.  

Grab asks you to pay special attention to instructions from customers on food items to protect our customers as they may be allergic and can fall ill. For example, guidelines may read “no seafood”, “sensitive to eggs”, “allergic to nuts”. 

We may conduct safety and health inspections at your workplace to assure a safe platform for our users. Also, Grab may impose a penalty if prepared food items do not meet food safety standards.

Ensure Quality

Customers will keep coming back to merchant-partners that consistently deliver excellent experiences by offering high-quality products and services.

Merchant-partners can increase service quality by being reliable, responsive and empathetic towards customers. Good practices include ensuring facilities, personnel and equipment appearance, providing prompt service, being helpful and listening to customer needs. For example, honour a booking that you have accepted and action critical customer feedback. 

Merchant-partners can assure product quality by preparing tasty and appealing meals of the right portion size. We recommend that the price and quality of food provided through the Grab Merchant App are consistent with dine-ins. We encourage Merchants to use fresh ingredients and prepare food items “just-in-time” for collection. 

We recommend that Merchant-partners confirm there are no missing items by conducting a final check against the order before packing. Please do not tamper with food or delivery items, and package orders, particularly those containing raw or frozen products, in the appropriate delivery bags — seal bags and products to avoid contamination and spillage. We recommend that you attach the receipt to the order for validation purposes. Grab reserves the right to impose a penalty if food items are missing or incorrect.

The Code may be updated from time to time. Merchant-partners may refer to our website for the most up-to-date version of the Code. 

Do you have questions or feedback? Please contact our help centre or speak with your Account Manager.