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By accepting GrabPay online, you’re opening up your business to millions of Grab consumers who are already GrabPay users.

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is our business

We want you and your customers to have peace of mind. That’s why, all GrabPay transactions are encrypted and protected using state-of-the-art, 24-hour fraud detection engine.

We reward your

Reward your customers at no extra cost. All your customers earn GrabRewards points every time they spend on your website or in your app, giving them more reasons to shop with you.

One tap, one big step forward

Paying is easier and faster with GrabPay. The one-tap checkout feature enables a quicker process for your customers. With less steps for your customers, you’ll get less dropouts during checkouts.

How it works for your customers

  • Linking GrabPay for quick checkout
  • Quick checkout
  • One-time charge

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Simply indicate your interest in the form above and our representative will reach out to you for additional business information and documents. Once your details have been verified, our GrabPay Integration manager will bring you through the process of integrating GrabPay to your website or app.  

There are many benefits to being a GrabPay Online merchant:

  • Market to Grab Consumers: Grab has 115 million consumers across South East Asia, many of whom have a GrabPay wallet
  • Increase revenue: GrabRewards points encourage consumers to spend at our merchant partners, thus allowing them to increase sales & GMV.
  • Reduce hassle of handling cash: Going cashless with GrabPay reduces the hassle & costs of handling COD orders
  • Cheaper: Accepting online payments via GrabPay is 20-40% cheaper than alternative cashless payment modes
  • Seamless Payment flow: GrabPay offers a seamless check-out experience, making purchasing and payments a breeze for your users
  • Broader Grab Partnership: Opportunity to kickstart partnerships with other Grab verticals (i.e. GrabRewards, GrabGifts, GrabExpress, etc)

Payments received will be settled to your bank account at the end of each working day.