Discover The Different Promotions of GrabFood

Easily Set Up Your Own Promotion

Boost your business’s visibility and generate more sales today. Follow these steps to set up your first promo:

  1. Tap the ‘Marketing’ tile on the home page of your GrabMerchant app.
  2. Select one of our Recommended Promos under the featured campaign packages, then click ‘Join Promotion.’
  3. Check and confirm all of the promo details and click ‘Confirm Join Promotion.’
  4. And that’s it! Check ‘Your Campaigns’ under the Marketing tile or wait for an in-app notification from us to confirm your participation.

*Your promotion will be reviewed by Grab five (5) days before the promotion runs. Once approved, it will start running based on the promotion schedule.

GrabFood Finds Deals

When you run a Recommended Promo, you also get to be part of an exclusive marketing campaign! Have your brand advertised under GrabFood Finds Deals and all its communication channels, letting customers find your promotions easily.

What Are Grab Marketing Services Campaigns?

Grab Marketing Services (GMS) is a bundling of all marketing services that Grab performs for merchants. This consists of promotional campaigns that provide merchants with access to premium marketing placements inside and outside the Grab app. Merchants can join these campaigns by providing the necessary promotion, which can be stacked on top of Grab-funded discounts.

Discover The Different GMS Campaigns

Sakto Sweldo

Be part of Grab users’ generous payday spending by joining this all-time popular campaign.

Thematic Savers

Introduce, highlight, or create demand for key products during relevant occasions.

Weekday Booster

Drive daily demand by being part of Grab users’ everyday food cravings.

GrabUnlimited UnliDeals

Co-fund a promo with Grab and target our app’s most valuable users

New And Rising Food Merchant

At Grab, we help small- and medium-sized merchants find success in our platform by implementing algorithm designs that provide exposure and visibility to new and highly rated businesses.

GrabFood IndieEats

Get free visibility from Grab when you get consistently high ratings from customers.

What’s New on GrabFood?

Grab provides free visibility to promising new merchants.

Discover the Different Promotions of GrabMart

What Are Grab Marketing Services Campaigns?

Grab Marketing Services (GMS) is a collection of marketing services that Grab offers merchants, typically comprising a promotional campaign and a variety of GrabAds placements. Thanks to their affordable fees, GMS campaigns help GrabMart merchants grow their business in the most economical of ways.

Discover The Different GMS Campaigns

Sakto Sweldo

Participate in Grab’s ever popular payday campaign

Thematic Savers

Introduce, highlight, or create demand for key menu items of your store on relevant occasions.

Super Savers

Highlight your store’s best-selling products and be visible when users are looking for daily essentials.

Mall in an Instant

Join our campaign for different categories: Beauty, Pet, Fresh and Frozen, Health and Wellness, Specialty Stores, Supermarket, and CVS.

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