Delta Autostrasse Corporation

Get more savings sa discounted change oil package ng Delta Autostrasse!

Change Oil Packages
(Inclusive of ENEOS Synthetic Oil, Oil Filter, Labor plus Free Check- up)
Mitsubishi Mirage 1,750.00
Nissan Almera 1,750.00
Hyundai Accent Gas 1,750.00
Toyota Vios 1,750.00
Toyota Altis 1,750.00
Toyota Avanza 1,750.00
Hyundai Accent Diesel 2,100.00
Toyota Innova Gasoline 2,000.00
Mitsubishi Adventure 2,600.00
Toyota Innova Diesel 2,550.00


Motor Oil for Motorbikes Japan Motor Oil ENEOS City Synthetic 4 Cycle Oil DISCOUNTED PRICE
1 Liter 10w-40 280.00
0.8 Liter 10w-40 250.00
1 Liter 20w-40 260.00
0.8 Liter 20w-40 230.00


Valid until March 2021

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PIC/ Contact Person and Contact #: Ms. Rocelyn Samiliano, (02) 2311552