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Grandstone Tire Centre

“Para sa pinaka-sulit at matibay na gulong, pumunta na sa Grandstone Tire Centre (GTC)!”


Size Wanli Tires SRP (Per Piece) Discount (2 pcs)
175/65R14 PHP1,700 PHP3,200 PHP200
185/70R14 PHP1,950 PHP3,700 PHP200
185/55R15 PHP2,150 PHp4,100 PHP200
185/60R15 PHP2,000 PHP3,800 PHP200
205/65R15 PHP2,000 PHp4,900 PHP200
205/65R16 PHP2,8550 PHP5,500 PHP200
Size Headway Tire SRP (Per Piece) Discount (2 pcs)
205/70R14 PHP1,950 PHP3,700 PHP200
175/65R14 PHP1,400 PHP2,600 PHP200
175/70R14 PHP1,550 PHP2,900 PHP200


🏁Address: 54 Apo Street, Corner N. Roxas, brgy. Sta. Teresita, Quezon City.
📌Waze Pin: Grandstone Tire Centre
🚗 Landmark: SUKI Market or Welcome Rotonda

Includes: FREE MOUNTING, FREE BALANCING *exclusive of wheel weights, and FREE TIRE VALVE.
2 years warranty against factory defect
Open from: MON-SAT 8:30AM – 5:30PM
Valid Until: May 2019
Contact Number: 0916-319-5313 / 0917-894-9771