The Most Boring Ride Ever

No drama. No excitement. Just a really, really boring journey. Exactly the way we want Grab rides to be.
Last year, more than 99.99% of Grab rides occurred without any incidents. To us, this is a huge deal because it means that women can feel safe, even while travelling alone.

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the fact that women can move about freely and independently. Know that we’re committed to do more for it has always been part of our plan to provide women with a safe way to travel. One boring ride at a time.

Data source: Grab ESG Report 2021

Watch the film.

It isn’t going to be very exciting. We promise.

Feel safer with these Safety Features

As we strive towards the goal of empowering women to travel freely without fear, we continue to make improvements and additions to the safety features on the Grab app.

Trip Monitoring

All trips are monitored so that we’re able to detect potentially unsafe scenarios. Like if your driver goes off course or makes an odd stop, we can check in on you.


Share My Ride

Share your ride details with your loved ones so they can know your whereabouts throughout the ride.


Emergency Button

In case you or the driver are in danger, one tap on the Emergency Button instantly connects you to the police.